Gunpla news of Dec.

Posted by Tom on December 9, 2010

Some thoughts on the old gunpla news of this month.

Something I wanted to talk about for a while now. When this PG was first announced, I could care less. Not the design, but rather because I never build a PG before. But a lot people sure did, and a lot mixed reactions were seen. We’re now seeing builds of this, and while it doesn’t look complex, I still think that the exterior looks are very nice. About to be released in a couple of days at 25,000 yen without shipping, I’ll be buying it only if this thing is on sale ^^;


Really, the only thing I care about is the Beargguy and the maybe the Beginning 30 Gundam.

MG Deathscythe Hell Custom = Instant Get!!!! When I have money… >.<  As for the ReZEL Commander, well I have the HGUC version already, and because of what Bandai did with this MS having a high grade out then, like 6 months later, the master grade came out, I’m actually holding out for a Delta Plus master grade, since I like that design a lot more then the ReZEL.

The Gundam X Divider is another must get , even though I already have the regular Gundam X. Bandai, hurry up and a master grade of this already!

Releases so far:

  • Real Grade Char’s Zaku – Don’t care for Zakus much…
  • Master Grade 00 Qan[T] – Might buy it, but the interest in it isn’t lasting very long right now.

Money is currently being on hold since I have other pressing things to think about.

Need a new phone as soon as possible. The iphone is just a temporary phone until I have enough money. Having a job is quite awesome sometimes =)

Images are from Gundam Guy.


4 Responses to “Gunpla news of Dec.”

  1. Wow lots of things coming eh

  2. Aya said

    It also impossible build so many kit at the same time >_< we can't keep with the released.

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