Late Christmas/Early Birthday stuff

Posted by Tom on December 27, 2010

Something for myself as a Christmas/ early birthday present. Master Grade 00 Quanta, HG 00 Raiser Condenser Type, Tamiya Flat Yellow (my old Model Master yellow went bad…) and some filing sticks. All costing me a wallet breaking $125 D=…

Actually, I did some calculations using HLJ, and surprisingly, had HLJ not had their permanent 20% off for Bandai idems, I would have paid about the same amount. O_O
Go figure.


4 Responses to “Late Christmas/Early Birthday stuff”

  1. Aya said

    Merry Christmas and happy Birthday Tom,Nice get there :D do you mean you pay full price even HLJ put sale on them ??

    • Tom said

      Thank You Aya.
      And no, If I had ordered from HLJ, it would have been somewhat cheaper because of the sale.

      But hey, it’s from my local hobby shop, so I don’t mind buying from them. They had 3 PG Strike Freedom! O.O

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