More Gunpla news of December

Posted by Tom on December 27, 2010

I guess this is a “big” announcement from this month, the Master Grade Shenlong Gundam EW a.k.a Shenlong Gundam Ver Ka. I’m pretty “meh” about it, but all you Gundam Wing fans must be pretty excited.

It’s a March release in 2011, retailed at 3800 Yen. Since I don’t have any Ver Ka of the Gundam Wing Gundams, this is a pass. But should the Nataku come around, then I will be getting that.

Something I found interesting is the SD Sinanju. And just like the SD Unicorn before it, this one also transforms. But it transforms into some kind of waverider and a Gerwalk mode (or something like that). Also a March release for 1000 Yen.

Beginning 30 Gundam’s boxart is pretty colorful ^^;. I’ll pick it up, since it looks like a fun kit to do.

GM Custom – Don’t care…
Geara Zulu (Guard Unit) – Don’t care…

Images from Gundam Guy.


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