Real Grade Gundam WIP 3: Inner Frame

Posted by Tom on December 31, 2010

As the title implies, I’ve finished the Inner Frame (well what I could make without putting on the armor parts).

I decided that I’m not gonna use the gold and bronze foils for the knees and elbows, and just painted them using my Tamiya Gold Leaf. After top coating, the gold sure looks solid.

I’ve also manage to top coat the Shield, Hyper Bazooka and the master grade like fingers. But the spraying is half assed, since I ran out of top coat… From far away, the stickers don’t  stand out as much now.

A word of caution for those who are planning to get this kit, or if you haven’t build this yet, is that the upper leg piece is weak. If you’re not too careful, it will break. The area that I circle in red is where the stress marks can appear. So make sure you bend the joints slowly first.


One Response to “Real Grade Gundam WIP 3: Inner Frame”

  1. Setsunator said

    that frame leg! the only thing i afraid during assembling =.=”

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