Real Grade Gundam Complete…

Posted by Tom on January 2, 2011

Yes It’s finally done. All it needs is the decals and top coat and then it’s finish.

Not sure what my next project should be… School will be starting soon, so I’m probably not going to be on as much. My back log isn’t that big either, so I’m going to spread out what model kits I want to do. I’ll try to get a review up within a week, but I can’t guarantee anything.


4 Responses to “Real Grade Gundam Complete…”

  1. Wow congratz on finishing it lol

  2. Q said

    Congrats on finishing the RG Gundam! I’m sure adding decals will make a lot of differences, as I have seen significant differences with people who have added decals on their Robot Damashii ones before! ^^

    It’s always good to have a manageable backlog; many of us have one so huge that we don’t ever want to think when we will ever get to finish it; it’s scary I gotta admit ^^;

  3. Shinra said

    Good job! Makes me want to finish mine! I’ve only done the legs so far haha, still a ways to go…

  4. be careful with the decals.
    they are just soooo small, I messed up with some decals.

    after you topcoat ’em flat RG is as good as painted modelkit, check it out.

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