Real Grade Gundam WIP: Decals

Posted by Tom on January 7, 2011

I finally finished the decaling of this Gundam. And, as everyone said, it looks great with all the decals. It’s not so plain, even though this model has about 10 different colors.

Testing out the articulations. Pretty good, but there are some looseness issues but hopefully a coat or two of topcoat can stiffen them up. I’m not sure when I can review this, since I’m having some headaches with school (I’m sick of it…). In the mean time, I have another model to do.


5 Responses to “Real Grade Gundam WIP: Decals”

  1. Love the decals

  2. Jim said

    how did u apply those decals??

    • Tom said

      Peel it off the sticker sheet and stick it on the model, where ever the decal guide says to put it.

      • Jim said

        So it is not a waterslide decal of any sort?
        your decals looks perfect with no wrinkles.. any techniques for that?

        • Tom said

          No, they’re clear stickers. Water slides are sold separately. Just carefully lay the down and press on them. Just make sure you topcoat the kit, otherwise the stickers can peel off in time.

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