HG Hi-Nu GPB Colors WIP 1

Posted by Tom on January 10, 2011

Yea, I’m being super slow with this guy. That’s what I’ve finished so far; the head and the chest section. I was debating wither or not to topcoat this model, and I  won’t be surprised if I change my mind, but I’m probably not going to. But like I said, I could change my mind.

I really like the color of this kit. The yellow actually isn’t as bad as I thought with the dark navy blue. Oh and Real Grade Gundam’s review. Well, I’ve been meaning to topcoat him, but the weather here is crazy (it’s been freezing cold for a while now, in Texas…). Once I get nice weather, I’ll try to finish the RG. That, and if school isn’t driving me crazy half the times… >.<


3 Responses to “HG Hi-Nu GPB Colors WIP 1”

  1. Marzz said

    Hmm… Personally I still think the original blue of Hi-Nu is much better… The GPB looks… too colorful? :D

  2. Aya said

    maybe looks better if they change yellow into red

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