HG Hi-Nu GPB Colors WIP 2

Posted by Tom on January 15, 2011

Being a high grade model, this need some paint application if you want this to look… uh, box-art accurate(?). Masking tape is a handy tool in these times.

And here is what I have finished. I could have added some more yellows here and there, but I’m just lazy right now… >.> I sorta like how the ReZEL beam rifle looks on it. It gives a sharpshooter vibe for this Gundam ^^;.


2 Responses to “HG Hi-Nu GPB Colors WIP 2”

  1. you paint it? wow nice masking indeed.
    something is wrong for me to use yellow… maybe greyish color will match more… my IMO

    • Tom said

      No, this is the re-colored version of the original Hi-Nu from Gunpla Builders Beginner G. I just masked off some area to paint the yellow to match the box art. Sorry if this caused any confusion. =/

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