HG Hi-Nu GPB Color Finally Done

Posted by Tom on January 20, 2011

After several days, I finally finished my HG Hi-Nu. Waiting for the propeller(?) tanks to dry. Not sure if I’m gonna used the decals. I’m also conflicted on wanting to topcoat this, and at the same time, wanting to save my last can on something more worthy.

On the bright side, Gundam Guy is now stocking up on the Mr.Topcoat brands. I haven’t used any of this brand yet, since my hobby store doesn’t stock on this particular brand, but I might pick up two or three in the future to try.

Oh, and my Real Grade? Stored in his box until better weather comes around so I may topcoat him. The weather in Texas is so weird, it was nice and warm on the weekends, but then it started to get cold again, with today being cold and windy. >.< His review is, unfortunately delayed, until I can at least topcoat him.


2 Responses to “HG Hi-Nu GPB Color Finally Done”

  1. man I thought the boxes of topcoats were yours until I read the next line! which reminds me, I’ve gotta go stock up on some myself ^^

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