Didn’t see that coming!

Posted by Tom on January 22, 2011

So the next Real Grade kit is gonna be the Aile Strike Gundam? Sweet!

By the looks of things, the inner frame for the arms and feet, and probably the waist, will be the same. I can see then changing the chest and legs, but we’ll need more pictures to know for sure. I am interested in how will the Aile backpack will be constructed and how it connects to the Gundam.

This is a get for sure, I’m now less incline to buy a MG Strike Gundam now, even though I still do if I want to do a resin kit.

It’s coming out in April but what surprise me is that, even with the Aile Striker Pack, this kit will still cost 2500 yen. Although shipping is going to be a pain.

Other things

MG Wing Gundam EW Ver. AKA MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka… Only with new Action Base connectors. And maybe some new parts, but I don’t see any. March release for 3500 yen.

There were a couple of HGUC kits, but I’m not interested. But if you are interested in HGUC Titanium Finished Unicorn and Sinanju, well it’s coming. In march for 4410 yen for Unicorn, and 5460 for Sinanju. But let’s be serious, does anyone ever buy these titanium finish kits? Unless you really want, I’m gonna guess “no.”

All images and info from Gundam Guy.


7 Responses to “Didn’t see that coming!”

  1. Marzz said

    RG Aile Strike looks promising. I too am less likely to buy the MG version now, unless they release a ver 2.0 that is. LOL.

  2. of course I’ll grab it, but will not if they announce Sword/Launcher version though.

  3. I’m really surprised. I really wonder how Bandai is gonna take care the weight issue from the backpack and the stability issues from the two previous RGs.
    And guessing from this release, the next RGs are probably Aegis, Freedom, & Justice.
    Not exactly what I wanted, but oh well.
    I wanted RG Mk-II :(

  4. Aya said

    ah if only I still have Huge passion for Gunpla I will grab this Strike.

  5. Setsunator said

    RG Aile Strike!! autoskip coz im already have MG..(still unassemble yet) ^^;
    hopefully this RG look same with PG kit..

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