MG Unicorn Starto!

Posted by Tom on January 26, 2011

After doing some 1/144 kits already, I decided to start on my Master Grade Unicorn OVA version.
My plan is just to do a straight build, panel line then topcoat(?).

Finished up the torso first. Lots of tiny pieces, but it’s solid as a rock!

However, the right side refuses to close up! D: I’m not sure if it’s my Unicorn, but it just bothers me to no end.

Also painted the beam saber blades in clear blue since the beam itself was very pale. Now it matches my Zeta Plus A1’s beam saber. ^^

Hope to finish this in about week or two. Need it to last for some weeks until I can buy gunpla again since my money is being focus on other things right now.


10 Responses to “MG Unicorn Starto!”

  1. Busterbeam said

    painting it blue was a good call. looks MUCH better

    • Tom said

      I was seriously debating whether to just use my red or pink blades, but I though blue would look more interesting,even if it’s not anime accurate.

  2. Setsunator said

    ah,i still remember my first time build gunpla
    the Unicorn Ver.KA ..
    too bad i bought earlier on December 2009.. if i wait, i could get this kit too xD

  3. Oooo the blue that you painted looks real nice ^^

  4. Nice! I got the ver ka. version myself but I’m hoping to get this one sometime down the road… you should be able to close up the right side if this ver is the same as the ver.ka one =/

  5. bd77 said

    Ah, the OVA ver improves “some” of the shortcomings in the Ver KA (namely the knee and waist movements).
    And the saber in blue looks very nice indeed. =D

  6. Jacques said

    Regarding your problem of the right side refusing to close up, you are not alone. I had a similar problem like you as well. In my case, it was happening on the shoulders parts for my Unicorn.

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