Thoughts on Gunpla: January 2011

Posted by Tom on January 27, 2011

Lots of interesting news (well not really) in the Gunpla world. But first, I want to say that I did enter in the G-Shot competition. Straight Build category, of course. Sadly, I still haven’t seen my submission on the facebook page yet, so I’m assuming they’re still processing.

First off, This is an amazing/badass boxart for the Deathscythe Hell Custom EW. Bandai definitely went with the Batman theme. :D If boxarts can make you buy a kit, this is one of them.

The decals aren’t as flashy and cool as I thought. =/  Aw well, it still looks fine on the Gundam.

EXTREME~~ Gundam. Not sure what to say about this at the moment…

I’m digging the clear blue though. The beam guitar rifle looks very funky. You can even pose it to rock out on this guitar! XD

MG Wing Gundam ver Ka EW. Bandai must be trolling if they think this will sell well… The only thing new is new action base connectors and slightly different colors.

The Shenlong’s beam trident means business. Still gonna wait for the Nataku to come around.

Truth be told, I don’t care much about the Jegan. Actually I can say that to a lot of Universal Century designs (the late UC suits look great though). This Jegan ECOAS Type looks cool however, and the colors are more eye pleasing then that pale green that the original Jegan came in.

Something I’ve been waiting for is a Gundam Unicorn box set. It makes it more appealing then buying separate disk. However this set comes at a whooping 17220 yen! WTF Bandai!? I don’t care if they are Blue-Ray disk, there has to be something that makes the box set more appealing at such high cost! 3 disk =/= high price. >:(
Don’t believe me, see for yourself.

I already talked about the RG Strike in an earlier post and I think that’s all I have in mind at the moment. Next post should be a WIP for Unicorn, I hope.

Images from Gundam Guy, except for the Gundam UC Box set pic.


9 Responses to “Thoughts on Gunpla: January 2011”

  1. Hmm I wonder if the box width is similar to destiny EBM, more width instead of height from the look of that boxart

    EXTREME!!! Might as well give the gundam some badass shades LOL

    I’ll wait for all the episodes to come out and buy the full box set, which is inevitable, but 17220 yen for 3 episodes?! Well, each disc is around 6000 yen if bought separately anyway..still they should include something special in that set ._.

  2. Setsunator said

    i still waiting for HGUC Dreissen to be release in May xD

  3. Aya said

    Deathscythe Hell’s Boxart really awesome and Extreeme gundam Looks Cool for me Except the weapon design :D

  4. Q said

    Deathscythe Hell Custom’s box art now makes the Gundam look like a vampire lord to me ^^; It’s nonetheless epic looking though.

    As for the Extreme Gundam, despite its unusual oversized V-fin and strange guitar-shaped beam rifle (supposedly something got to do with Gackt as he has been listed as a voice actor for the game), the Gundam itself on the box art doesn’t look too bad, and the blue pixie dust stuff is strangely similar to GN particles.

  5. I have a feeling I’m gonna get extreme just because of the mean as guitar-gun :S

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