MG Unicorn WIP: Upper Body

Posted by Tom on January 29, 2011

Got pretty much the upper torso minus the shoulder armor done. Man this kit is really tight. I have a general idea on how I’m gonna topcoat, but that shield is gonna be a pain in the butt to disassemble… Also the weapons are quite bigger in real life then on pictures ^^;.


8 Responses to “MG Unicorn WIP: Upper Body”

  1. Setsunator said

    that v-fin!!! arghhhhhhhhh why Ver.Ka dont have spare unit? i broke it when try change to destroy mode
    you dont paint the clear red part?

  2. Yeah the shield took me awhile to disassemble too :( but it’s pretty easy after the first time ^^

    eh? there’s an extra v-fin? D:

    • Tom said

      Yea, the OVA and HD Colors + MS Cage has an extra solid opened V-Fin, which is a very big plus. The one that can open up is very fragile. :(

  3. Aya said

    The only thing good about ver.Ka is it have more Seals and Decals……………………….

  4. so far….. how do you think of this kit? Even though u haven finsh building this kit lol

  5. still not to fond of the white unicorn, well just go after Destroy mode for the finish line

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