Snow Day

Posted by Tom on February 4, 2011

First off, I want to ask how was your Chinese New Year. Everyone prayed for a year of prosperity, good luck, and good health? My CNY was very average, meaning I stayed home and did nothing. Well, my mom did all praying…, I was playing the KillZone 3 Beta with my friends ^^;.

The above pic was pretty much the front of my house when I woke up. Mind you it was still kind of early. Because of this, school was canceled (Yay!) and I decided to work on my Unicorn after another hour of sleep.

Finished the legs the other night and finished the decals this morning. Took a good 2 hours too. I’ve decided to review the kit as it is, since the weather is still freezing and the fact that I’m still down to one can of topcoat.

Man, I really want to get a second Unicorn just so that I can have a Version Ka Unicorn. Although, I am wondering if we’re going to get a Sinanju OVA version. The anime Sinanju looks like it has a little more bulk around the legs compare to the MG version.

Also, while playing around with my RG Gundam, some of the armor pieces broke on me. I think I was being somewhat rough with it.So I striped the rest of the armor off, but now what am I going to do with these parts?




2 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. bd77 said

    Uuu~ Snow… Can’t stand freezing temperatures.

    I can see where is this all going upon seeing the HGEW DeathScythe. =D
    Trying to mod the RG frame into it?

  2. wow nice photos this time.

    for RG, it’s a troublesome indeed, but I want the new RG Gundam Strike Aile too. for MG Deatscythe Hell, I’ll think a bit beforehand…

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