Test shots with new phone

Posted by Tom on February 9, 2011

So I just recently got my new phone, the HTC G2. And I can say I’m loving it so far. It does so much better then my old G1, but has a bigger screen, better specs, and other whatnot. I think the EVO is a bit more powerful, but I’m using T-Mobile so whatever…

I was curious as to how it stacks up to the camera I’m using. Above is from the phone.

From camera.

Different white balances of MG Wing Zero Custom, in order: Auto, Incandescent, Daylight, Fluorescent

From camera.

Personally, I think the pics from the phone is pretty decent when they’re scaled down. Of course, I’ll still use my camera, but I like to see how different these are. Opinions are appreciated.

By the way, if anybody is using an Android Phone, I would like to know if there are any apps for making the pictures look better then they are. They look great on the phone screen, but not the computer screen.


2 Responses to “Test shots with new phone”

  1. bd77 said

    From the shots, I’d prefer the ones from the camera as the pictures from the phone is a “bit” blurry at the edges.

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