First 8 Minutes of Gundam Unicorn Episode 3!

Posted by Tom on February 18, 2011

[EDIT: replaced old video with a better quality one]

Super excited for this episode. Show cases the Delta Plus. Come on Bandai, hurry up and announce a Master Grade Delta Plus already! I want one. At least March is soon fast approaching. Oh and Micott is like a UC version of Flay for very obvious reasons (IMO anyways).


4 Responses to “First 8 Minutes of Gundam Unicorn Episode 3!”

  1. bd77 said

    And that “proto” Stark Jegan in HGUC form. Sorta wants… =/

    The Feds totally rock the rock (Palau IS an asteroid, a space rock) in this clip. Seeing mass of grunts dueling each other, a rare scene. =D

  2. Q said

    I’m sure we will have a lot of nice surprises on Gunpla annoucements when Shizuoka Hobby Show is up, which is going to happen this May.

    Seeing a lot of ZZ era MS coming back as well as grunt battles is always my cup of tea~ Looking forward to watching the whole episode, and the new ED song from Chemistry is pretty good too!

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