First Gunpla Loot of 2011!

Posted by Tom on February 22, 2011

Came home from school to find this in my room. Wanna thank HLJ for this shipment. Processing the order took a bit longer then I would have liked, but the shipping was hella fast. Already in the US in about 2 days! @.@ I’m very pleased. So what can be in the box?

Ta-Da! Master Grade Full Armor Gundam, Master Grade Wing Gundam (TV series version), and HGUC Delta Plus. Also some stands, which I’ll use later. Got the Wing and Full Armor while they were on sale, and I’ve always wanted the Delta Plus ever since the HG came out but I was waiting out for a MG announcement. But I caved… DX
The backlog page has been updated if you would like to see for future references. Well, if I’m slowly building these kits.

Anyways, I have another small shipment coming soon. Any guess on what it could possibly be? :)


4 Responses to “First Gunpla Loot of 2011!”

  1. bd77 said

    Wow, three in one go. And is it me or MG Wing’s box is… nearly the same size as HGUC Delta’s box? O_o

  2. setsunator said

    cant wait for MG Wing review!

  3. Shinra said

    Nice loot! Looking forward to some WIP posts

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