Thoughts on Gunpla: February 2011

Posted by Tom on February 23, 2011

Above image is some designs for Gundam UC episode 3… I think. Looks pretty nice, especially that Jegan, and I don’t usually care about those!

Anyways, some very awesome announcements. Plus some prototype images of some new Gunpla. Man I believe this year is going to be a great year for Gunpla. Note: long post ahead.
[Edit: Replaced some images with clearer scans]

Wing Gundam Version Ka EW’s boxart. Just a sample, but I’m betting you that this is the final look. The model itself is the same as the Ver. Ka, just with different decals, different colors, and different action base attachments.

MG Shenlong Ver. EW is looking pretty good (despite the fact I’m not going to buy it). Don’t like how that “XXXG-01S” goes across the chest. Should have been gray and gone on the shoulders. Boxart is decent, but doesn’t invoke the feeling of awesomeness the boxart of Deathscythe EW and Hell Custom had. is actually pretty nice, with the flames about to shoot out of the dragon head and forest background.

Speaking of which, this kit is coming out in a couple of days! Can’t wait, I’m dying of anticipation. DX

The next ANA model is the Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode. Loving the blue they used for the Psycoframe parts. It’s going to be crazy expensive, but hey, if you like really shiny things, the price isn’t going to stop you… or will it. It’s 5000 yen by the way. As much as a Master Grade Unicorn Gundam, how ironic. XD

Boxart for the SD Sinanju. The kit looks good, but it’s not for me. Just not into SDs right now. But for all you with SD Unicorns, then I’m sure it’s a must have. Coming out in march for 1000 yen.

Prototype images for the HGUC Dreissen – Sleeve Version. Not feeling it, but that mainly because I was never a fan of most of the Zeon suits. May release for 2000 yen.

The UC Hard Graph 1/35 Core Fighter looks pretty nice. I wonder if they’ll be releasing other Core Fighter type planes, like the Double Zeta’s Core fighter or the Impulse’s Core Splendor. Priced at 4500 yen.

Got a prototype image of the RG Aile Strike Gundam. Looks great, but the positioning really doesn’t help a lot. The Advance MS Joints are modified for the Strike Gundam, but it’ll serve the same function as the RG RX-78-2 Gundam. April Release for 2500 yen.

Alright lets get into the recently announced MG. I didn’t bother doing this post until there was a confirmation, just for conveniences.

O..M..G.. Master Grade 00 Raiser!!!!! *insert fanboy scream here*. Ok, my real reaction was “… meh …” Maybe it’s because I’m building a HG of the 00 Raiser, and also because I have the 00 Quanta too. Anyways, the prototype doesn’t look too bad. Looks almost like the PG 00 Raiser, BUT…

When we first saw this pics, I couldn’t help but said “WTF is wrong with this 00 Gundam?” The chest and head looks a little bigger then the rest of the body IMO. The feet also looks small. Not sure what it is. Compare this to the High Grade 00.

The HG has a more sleeker look compare to the MG. Hell, even the MG 00 Quanta has better proportions then this MG 00 Gundam. Maybe it’s me, I have no idea. But I hope Bandai corrects their proportion for this kit. 00 Raiser will be available in May for 6500 yen.

And, probably the biggest news…

MG Gundam Epyon. Wow, caught me off guard with this one Bandai. But WAIT! This line art looks different compare to the original line art.

Now I know every MG line art is going to be vastly different then their anime line art, but hear me out on this one. If you look at the wings and torso area, you can see these ruffle like feathers(?). Which got me to believe that Bandai’s plan is to release this Epyon as a MG Gundam Epyon Version EW to match with the other MG EW Wing kits. Then release the TV show version later. It this is true, then it’s quite the dick move Bandai.  Release date and price to be announced.

That’s all I have for my thoughts. 00 Raiser is very uncertain, but unless the proportion looks better in my eyes, no buy from me. As for Epyon, I need to see a prototype before I make any calls. But the RG Strike, and MG Deathscythe Hell Custom is definitely on my  buy list. Anyways, I’ll see you guys later.

Images from Gundam Guy


3 Responses to “Thoughts on Gunpla: February 2011”

  1. bd77 said

    From this list, I’d aiming for (predictably) the HGUC Dreissen. =D
    Just like the HGUC Jegan, it was first released in 1988 now…
    *insert big wide smile*

    Regarding the Epyon, all I can say is… FINALLY~! What had took you boys so long!

  2. Setsunator said

    stop buying gunpla now.. at least until MG 00 Raiser and Epyon release..
    6500yen for 00 Raiser make me feel disappoint :(

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