00 Raiser Condenser Type WIP 4: 0 Raiser

Posted by Tom on February 26, 2011

Finally finished the 0 Raiser part of the 00 Raiser. The only part that’s different from the original 0 Raiser is that the sensor canopy is a clear pearly white instead of the regular clear orange.

I haven’t been able to finish topcoating the 00 Gundam yet because I’ve been busy. School work, and the fact that I can’t get any alone time to topcoat this. The 0 Raiser also contribute to the delay (building it and touching it up). ^^;

Speaking of 00s…

After seeing the MG 00 Raiser from different angles other then straight on, it doesn’t look so bad. Damn, what’s with Bandai making some Master Grades good looking in some angles and horrible in other angles?

Still wish the proportions is a bit more sleeker. It could use some edges here and there.

But then there would be no Metal Build 00 Gundam Seven Sword ^^;.  This is the best rendition of the 00 Gundam I think.

So, I’m still making up my mind. The only way I can see myself buying this on day one is if the proportion starts to look slightly better (doesn’t have to match the Metal Build, it could look like the HG 00 Raiser) or if the swords are nice and long. :P

You can view my initial thoughts on the MG 00 Raiser to understand where I’m coming from.

Images from Gundam Guy.


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