A small but very awesome loot

Posted by Tom on March 7, 2011

Went to get mail for my house, and look what I found on my doorstep. I want to  thank HLJ again for this package. Unfortunately for me this was ship with SAL, which wasn’t too bad, but this package was shipped about two weeks ago. And I had a little package shipped four days BEFORE this, and yet this came first. Never gonna used SAL again though, thought this was lost in mailing hell…
So what could possibly in the box.

The Master Grade Deathscythe Hell EW Custom.

The box itself is surprisingly thin. Not as thin as MG ReZEL, but it’s slightly thinner then the MG Freedom Gundam’s box.

The black on the A plate has a slight sheen to it. The decals look alright.

The scythe effect part is surprisingly big in real life. It has a nice woody(?) texture to it.

I’m not sure if I like this purplish gray Bandai used for the armor pieces. Comparison with the old 1/144 Deathscythe Hell’s leg.

Huge wings are huge! This is gonna take up a lot of space.

Oh Japan, you and your silly names. Beam Scissors, of all the things to name the Beam Scythe. XD

A little comic introducing Gundam Extreme Vs, which is in japanese. Kinda cool to see the Crossbone pwning the Sazabi and the Susanowo.

Ooo some eye candy lol. But I have to wonder, why does Feldt always have to look so gloomy?

Some promotional ad for some Gundam Wing manga that’s running in Gundam Ace. Also advertising the other three EW kits, which I will NOT be getting.

And that’s all the interesting stuff you get out of the box. Don’t expect me to start on this soon, I’m taking my time with my kits, and I’m not one to work on multiple projects. For now, I’ll just update my Backlog page.

Some Full Armor Gundam WIP tomorrow.


2 Responses to “A small but very awesome loot”

  1. bd77 said

    *sees additional materials* O_O
    Coo… must resist~!

    Then again, Crossbone is kind a of over-powered for an MS (speed, check; agility, check; weapons, check; l33t-skills pilot, check).

    Eye candy… Katejina, I choose you. =D

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