MG Full Armor Gundam WIP 3: Gundam 2.0

Posted by Tom on March 10, 2011

Whew, while the armor looks so simple, it actually took a lot longer to finished then I though. Of course, it didn’t help that I was watching Gundam Unicorn Epi. 3. ^^; Anyways, here’s a comparison with the RX-78-2 Gundam Version OYW. Besides the small height advantage, the OYW has a very modern look to it compare to the retro look that the 2.0 has. But I would like to note that this color scheme so much better then the regular Gundam colors. I think it’s mostly because the legs are not all white. But I like the G3 colors more. :P

I just need to topcoat this, build the Full Armor parts, decal and topcoat and this will be done.


3 Responses to “MG Full Armor Gundam WIP 3: Gundam 2.0”

  1. Aya said

    ah I just notice the differences between OYW and 2.0 now

  2. aptkane said

    Well, the OYW version was based on the Project Pegasus OYW Game, so they wanted the most modern, almost Ver. Ka look they could get.

    I really have always like the FA Gundam, its one of my favorite MSV designs, but I really don’t like the retro 2.0 look, so while I may still get this kit, I’d most likely swap out the head, feet and hands with a more modern looking Gundam kit.

    Looks good so far – you’re not going to paint this I take it? It sure looks good even right out of the box!

    • Tom said

      Actually, there are some resin conversion kits out there for the Gundam ver OYW. I don’t like the FA Gundam in this retro design look either, but I got it because I wanted a Gundam ver 2.0.

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