Need help with next next project

Posted by Tom on March 14, 2011

[EDIT: Poll made in the right. Vote on my next next project.]

Simply put, I can’t decide what to do. Should it be…

MG 00 Quanta or…

MG Wing Gundam.

I have all but one supply needed to start on these, but it’s a tough call. What I do plan next is the HGUC Delta Plus, but after that not so sure. I’ll put a poll to see what’s more popular.

And yes, I, as well as everyone else, knows about the March 11 earthquake and the devastation that has happened. I can only hope for the well being of the Japanese people.


7 Responses to “Need help with next next project”

  1. bd77 said

    Tough choice… One has a unique construction and the other has sleek yet timeless design…

    Personally… I’d go for the Qan[T] first as it (might be) using less top coating due to the clear parts.

  2. I’d go for Qan[T] ^^

  3. cmgaddict said

    I’d go for wing, though I like Qan[T] as a suit and gunpla. Since the hype over Qan[T] is still alive, why not balance it out with doing wing?

  4. Go for Wing. Easy construction + Timeless Design + BR-shield-bird mode = WIN

  5. Im almost done with the Qan[t] and i say do that first, Its a great kit if you haven’t built and exia before.

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