HG Delta Plus WIP 1: Upper Torso

Posted by Tom on March 20, 2011

Man, having work on something like the Full Armor Gundam, I forgotten how easy these High Grades are. But I like to take my time, and what you see is what I finished after starting last night. ^^; Expect this thing to be finished in about 2 or 3 days, depending if I’m not swamped with school work. Sad that Spring Break is over. :(

Anyways, I’m sorta debating if I should paint this, or just topcoat this. This kit use the EXACT same purplish gray that I do not like on the MG Deathscythe Hell EW. I think it’s because the original line art had this color, and the anime version is a bluish gray, but I still don’t like it. And, before anyone ask, no I’m not painting this gold, a lot of people already done this. If push comes to shove, I’m probably gonna just topcoat this.


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