HG Delta Plus WIP 2: Snapped Together

Posted by Tom on March 23, 2011

Went through a build marathon. Here is Delta Plus snapped build. Looks pretty good. I decided that I will paint this kit after all. There are some bad nubs showing here and there. Give me a couple of days to think of a color scheme. I’m not starting another project simply because school is taking up more time then I would like.

The monthly Thoughts on Gunpla will be out whenever there are clearer pictures, or tomorrow if I feel like it. ^^;

Also the poll will be up until Saturday. After that, I’ll see which has the most votes, then start on that after I’m done with this guy.


4 Responses to “HG Delta Plus WIP 2: Snapped Together”

  1. Aya said

    Nice looking kit,no matter what I vote for Wing saw so many Q[ant] lately hahahaha

  2. daymien said

    Paint it gold to resemble a Hyakushiki? Delta plus just look great even in it’s snapbuilt:)

    • Tom said

      I know, but I don’t like purplish gray that Bandai used. Painting gold is my last resort if I can’t come up with anything lol.

  3. Wow! thats quick.
    I wish i can build as quick as you =/

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