Thoughts on Gunpla: March 2011

Posted by Tom on March 24, 2011

Another month, more news of Gunpla. This month was slow, but rightfully so. Gotta worry about the people and the surroundings first before you can do anything else. Hopes for the speedy recovery of the Japanese people.

Now then, on to topic. The Gunpla news of this month made me smile in some ways and sorta surprised by the decisions that Bandai made. This post may be updated as clear scans are shown.

First off:

The MG Shenlong is now out, and looks alright. Still going to wait on a Nataku. The inner frame for the legs, arms, and chest is pretty much an exact replica of the Deathscythe EW from what I’m seeing on Dalong.

The HG Titanium Finished Sinanju and Unicorn is also out, but they don’t really say anything to me. Although, Sinanju is looking very shiny. Also don’t as me why there’s a Full Frontal cosplayer in this picture…

The MG Unicorn Gatling guns are also out. I think you only get two per issue, so you need two issue for the Heavyarms style look. I not sure if I’ll get it, since there are some resin conversions for the Unicorn that also have the gatling gun.

Also out are the SD Sinanju and the Geara Zulu guard type is out but I don’t really care. Now on to better things.

The ECOAS Jegan looks pretty boss in that color scheme. Definitely have to pick this up in the future. April release for 1600 yen.

SD Wing Gundam version EW (or Ka if you want), lolwut? I didn’t see that from Bandai. Will it come with Katoki’s famous markings? :P I might get, as a fun build.

The more I see the RG Aile Strike Gundam, the more I want it. Looks very nice.

Although it is a little hard to see, there is some multiple shades of color. However, it is VERY subtle. I will be getting the waterslide decals whenever those come out.

I’m liking this shade of blue on the HGUC Dreissen. Comes with a boatload of weapons, so that’s a plus. Those Neo Zeon “sleeve” design is going to be a PITA to paint. Still not going to get it though.

A new announcement is the HG GM Cannon II, which a lot of people seems to be wanting. But for me, it’s going to be a pass. ^^;

Color photos of the 00 Raiser. I have made my stance on this, and decided I might get it, but not on day one. It’s going to be some time before I buy it. May release for 6500 yen.

Something that I (and a lot of people I’m sure) have been waiting for is the prototype images for the MG Gundam Epyon ver EW. Very nice looking. It’s also a June release, meaning when schools out for me, this is out, sweet! :D Price to be announced.

No April Master Grade, which is kinda weird, but I guess they want to give the RG Strike some room. This summer is going to be fun. Now if only Bandai would release a MG Gundam X already. That will really make my summer. :)

As always, all images from Gundam Guy.


17 Responses to “Thoughts on Gunpla: March 2011”

  1. bd77 said

    From the listing, I’d be getting the Jegan-De and the Dreissen. And do expect the Jesta will be out around August or September, in time for UC ep4. =D

  2. daymien said

    That rg aile strike and mg 00 raiser is really a must get for me, as for the sd wing gundam ew version is really an unexpected release by bandai, hope bandai will continue to release the rest of the group.

  3. of course happy with RG aile strike!!

    I’m waiting for Sandrock, hope it’s better than all already-released Wing kits, because they are not really detailed like SEED MGs… I think

  4. Still wondering if I’ve seen that Dreissen bazooka before… XD

  5. Marzz said

    RG Aile Strike! A definite get for me, but not any time soon….

  6. Q said

    I see you’re not into grunt machines, but I too would consider getting Jesta when it’s available. Most likely a squad of them to go with the (yet unbuilt) Unicorn Gundam (yea I have a bad habit of buying multiple grunt units).

  7. aptkane said

    I hear ya on the MG X – I gave my cheap knock-off Double X kit the MG-ized upgrade, but I’d still like to get my hands on a true MG from X, especially the X itself or X Divider.

    The RG Strike does look good – I kinda wish they were 1/100th scale, but still, looks awesome. I really like the looks of the MG Epyon as well, I might pick that guy up, but its between Epyon and Heave we’ll see.

  8. aptkane said

    I like all the X designs, even the grunt suits like the Janis and Doughtress units.

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