New MG Epyon Images!

Posted by Tom on April 1, 2011

Damn, this is nice looking. This just went from “I will get this” to “I gotta have this!” ^^;

With the wings looking a little different, I think Bandai is doing what they did with the other Endless Waltz Master Grades, where the main body is pretty much identical with small changes, and the weapons or backpack is going to be completely different.

It does have the silly flying dragon mode, complete with opening mouths on the feet! Lolwut? Anyways, I don’t really care about this transformed mode compare to Wing Gundam’s bird mode.

Set to be released in June of 2011 for 4800 yen or about 52 to 55 USD. Seems reasonable in my opinion. Although with shipping that’s going to be another 35-40 dollars added.

Images from Gundam Guy.


5 Responses to “New MG Epyon Images!”

  1. aptkane said

    Dude, I looks really good, but the “mouth opens up!!!” feature is dumb and I would never have it set in MA mode anyway.

    But it’ll now be between the Epyon and Heavy Arms for my next purchase…I’ve been doing so many UC kits that it’ll be nice to move to Wing for a change up.

  2. Setsunator said

    i gonna skip this since Katoki already ruined it again with his ‘trademark’.. plus the wing is wayyyyyy different than the anime version

    • Tom said

      Don’t worry, Bandai will make an anime accurate Epyon in the next 6 to 8 months.

      • Elvin said

        I think the KA version looks a bit different from the anime as well. this model looks rather “stocky” and the wings are different.

        you really think Bandai will release a OVA version??

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