HGUC Delta Plus is finished

Posted by Tom on April 3, 2011

After two and half weeks on this, it’s finally done. My HG Delta Plus… I’ll think of something to add to the end of that later. ^^;

I’m happy about it even though it could have turned out better in some areas. But, advice and criticism is much appreciated, so fire away. Review will be in about a week.

Also, the MG Wing Gundam looks like the be winner of my poll, so I’ll be starting on that when I’m done with this review. :D


9 Responses to “HGUC Delta Plus is finished”

  1. aptkane said

    I think the color scheme looks very very good, nice choice! All in all the kit looks great, I think it seems to be missing a bit of detail, like panel lines and a few more decals, but other than that, great work!

  2. chubbybots said

    I am thinking maybe you can paint some of the lens in metallic green or red to give some contrast. Like what the others have said some panel lining will make it sweet!

  3. John said

    Blue color, remind me of my Panasonic G1… LOL

  4. gunpla47 said

    Wow. I never had that much time to do painting piece by piece. The last time was exactly a year ago. But I like your painting very much and I agree with chubbybot^^

  5. nice blue color.
    dElta + is good, but I like proportional of Hyaku Shiki better

  6. daymien said

    delta plus is looking great! now you just nid some decals to perfect it:)

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