MG Wing Gundam Starto!

Posted by Tom on April 9, 2011

Technically, I started on this last night. Finished the head and torso, and I must say, this is a pretty good build from what I’ve seen. Especially the head.

Sorry for the week absent, but school is getting top priority. The end of the semester is approaching, and so classes are in crunch mode. That said, that wouldn’t stop me from building Gunpla. ^^;
Delta Plus review should be out either tonight or tomorrow.


9 Responses to “MG Wing Gundam Starto!”

  1. Aya said

    Looking good, after semester end you have bunch of time to build them :D

  2. Good luck with school i just had a few exams @ uni
    The Mg wing is looking good looking forward to it.

  3. daymien said

    Yea, Wing Gundam!! It’s one of my favorite gundam of all times, looking forward to it!

  4. aptkane said

    Check out that link if you need ideas, that guy did a great job on this kit, very clean with bright animation quality colors!

    I would love to pick this one up, but I’m waiting for Heavy Arms.

    • Tom said

      That’s a very nice looking Wing Gundam. I had something else in mind, but I wouldn’t mind keeping the anime colors.

      Are you going to get all three Heavy Arms? Or just the TV series Heavy Arm.

  5. that’s nice Wing Gundam.
    still I prefer to see Wing Zero TV someday.

    for the rest of the team, I’ll go for Sandrock when he’s realized.

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