MG Wing Gundam WIP 4: Gold Parts

Posted by Tom on April 17, 2011

I’m using gold instead of yellow for my Wing Gundam.  Look at how shiny it is. :D

And here’s how it looks after I apply a couple coats of clear yellow on those gold parts. Big difference, ya?

All the gold parts. I’ll gloss coat some of the parts that won’t be needing decals later.


7 Responses to “MG Wing Gundam WIP 4: Gold Parts”

  1. Marzz said

    So clear yellow on top of gold paint… *notes down*

  2. aptkane said

    Excellent plan. I used to always use Gold instead of yellow – for one you figure, the V crest is actually used for communication and gold conducts signals better, so that always made sense to me, but my issue was my gold would always fade or darken over time. Doing gold, then clear yellow, then clear coat should stop that in its tracks!

  3. chubbybots said

    Thats a fantastic way to get that gold color dude!

  4. Luqman Hakim said

    Is it sprayed?

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