Thoughts on Gunpla: April 2011

Posted by Tom on April 25, 2011

It’s that time again. Another thoughts on Gunpla. This month, the magazine focus is the RG Aile Strike with some Gundam Seed stuff here and there.

I’ll admit, I like this cover of Dengeki Hobby, with the PG Strike Freedom and RG Aile Strike. Also has a PG Strike Freedom modded into a regular Freedom. Anyways, onto the important stuff.

First off, MG 00 Raiser’s boxart. Looks nice IMO. I like how Bandai has been keeping this sketch book look for their 00 Master Grades. I think it would have been better in a “RAISER SWORDDO” pose, but it’s not bad.

I’m still gonna get this, just later on. I have plans for this. I do like how the LEDs on the wing binders give illusions of GN Particles coming out. Of course, I would have preferĀ  GN Wings of Light. ^^;

Real Grade Green Zaku (or mass production type if you want). No body should be surprise by this right? If you are, then you have been living under a rock for the past 30 years.

Speaking of Real Grades, this is about to be release in a couple of days! Can’t freaking wait. I’m not sure what I’ll do for this, but I’ll wait until water slide decals are out before I start on it.

HGUC Dreissen boxart. So it’s now Unicorn version instead of Sleeve version? =/

A color look at the HGUC GM Cannon. Looks… silly in my opinion, but nothing a couple of spray cans can’t fix. But I’m gonna pass on this.

Just announced is the HGUC GM III. Again, I’m gonna pass, although I do like the Stark Jegan missile containers on the shoulders.

We finally get to see what MG Epyon’s beam saber handle looks, but what about the blade? Also, I believe this is an out of box look because the clear parts on the chest and feet are not in clear green, like MG Wing Gundam’s clear pieces.

Gunpla Builders Beginning J? I’m confused now. Is this a sequal to the first Gunpla Builders. Apparently, there’s another variation of the Beginning Gundam, the Beginning J Gundam. But it has swords instead of beam sabers. I’m down with that, seeing as I still haven’t gotten the Beginning 30 Gundam. ^^

And, if you like figure statue, here’s a recently announced Marida Cruz. I’m not sure if she’s smirking or frowning. Looks pretty nice though, with her sitting on a Neo Zeon emblem statue(?).

And that’s my thoughts on Gunpla for this month. News is slow, but I think Bandai will show more at the Shizouka Hobby show next month, so I look forward to that.

As always, images from Gundam Guy.


10 Responses to “Thoughts on Gunpla: April 2011”

  1. bd77 said

    Hopefully the RG Strike will be my first ever RG. XD

    As for the HGUC Dreissen, needed to see the mono-eye design before I put a bead (targeting reticule) on it.

    The GM-III, the pods on the shoulders can be either plain additional thrusters (the closed type) or the ones with the missiles. In short, the GM-III is a GM-II on steroids. XD

  2. Marzz said

    THAT MG 00 RAISER!!!!!! Pity I won’t be able to afford it.. The NG 1/100 was already expensive enough. T_T

  3. gunpla47 said

    Buying that MG 00 Raiser definitely! I was like “WOAH” when I saw it. Definitely definitely..hmmm then after that I will buy the RG Aile Strike. Because I think I’ll prefer the MG 00 Raiser more. :DDDDDD

  4. hmm, Beginning J Gundam, if only adding sword I think I’ll pass, only like those clear armor at 30 version.

    MG Epyon face seems very dull to me -_-‘

  5. aptkane said

    Cool. I like that Freedom better than the Strike Freedom, so I like the Denki Hobby pics too. I’m excited to see what they all release for the RG line. Apparently they’re going to try and hit every single series, which is good news. I’d buy a 1/144 RG Gundam Leopard for sure.

  6. Q said

    The box art for 00 Raiser sure is eyecatching with a lot of bright colours. The price however sure is not so pretty though (6500 Yen @_@). And too bad one will need to buy additional LED lights in order to get all parts lit up, as I *think* they will only provide you one LED unit.

    Still thinking about Dreissen and GM III at the moment (most likely to get both in some multiple numbers anyway since they appear in both ZZ and Unicorn, and GM III participated briefly in Char’s Counterattack too). As for GM Cannon II at the moment I’m hoping that the armour parts will be lighter in the final release (should be much lighter as seen in anime and games).

    Epyon has a very broad face, and lots of people I know who were looking forward to this Ver. Ka were a bit disappointed, mainly due to how they’re expecting Katoki designs to be slimmer and more stylish. Oh well :\

    • Tom said

      I am starting to kinda want the Dreissen now, that blue is really attractive. ^^
      Too bad that the 00 Raiser only includes one LED. I would have prefer effect parts similar to Destiny’s Wings of Light. I think the MG Epyon is going to be one of those MGs that doesn’t look good when looking from the front, but looks better in other angles.

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