Azngunpla’s Thoughts on 50th Shizouka Hobby Show Part 1

Posted by Tom on May 11, 2011

Alright! It’s that time for the Shizouka Hobby Show. I know that you know that you and me can’t wait for these awesome releases. I might update this as more info comes in. So with that, here are a few thoughts on the things shown at the show. (Note: Prepare for a long post… not joking.)
First off on the Gunpla side of things, do note that Bandai is pulling the same move they did at last year’s show; where they would put a heavily modified kit out from way back when, and just call it a new announcements (remember the Heavyarms, Sandrock, and Shenlong from last year’s show). So be aware, this is Bandai’s way of saying “We’re either working on them, or these maybe are future releases.

MG Epyon’s box art is nothing short of awesome-ness. I’m liking how Bandai is using their boxes now to allow for badass looking images. :)

Hey look, there’s the sword that we’re all looking for! I like it, yea it’s not oversize, but it’s still kinda long, and pointy! :P

Look at this Master Gundam + Fuunsaiki. There appears to be some confusion if this is a High Grade or Master Grade. I believe that this is a High Grade release just from judging on the Master Gundam and the little card thingy that’s next to Fuunsaiki.

This picture sorta confirms that it’s a High grade I think. Of Course, it could be Bandai’s cleaver use of the old 1/144 Master Gundam with some modifications.

Yea, the more I look at it, I’m more convinced that this Funnsaiki is a High Grade release. It’s pretty much in scale with the new announced Shining Gundam.

Speaking of which, this Shining Gundam can look a heck of a lot better. You can obviously tell from the proportions that this is a HGFC God Gundam with the old 1/144 Shining Gundam slapped on. The Shinning Finger Sword that was shown before this could be a bit more bigger. ^^; And if you’re wondering, Bandai has slated the new G Gundam announcements as an August release.

Hey guys, remember these? LOL! Again, just proving what I said from the start of this post.

Although it looks like Sandrock is going to be released this year. Poor Heavyarms, having to be release next year…

Looks like someone from Bandai heard my plea for GN Wings of Light for the MG 00 Raiser… quite literally. Nah, I’m just kidding, but I won’t be surprise if this is the “Ignition Mode” for the 00 Raiser, you know; MG 00 Raiser plus those clear parts plus 5 LEDs equals… maybe around 75oo yen I’m gonna guess… -__-”

I remember seeing this diorama a few years back. Looks like Bandai replaced the front Zakus with the Real Grade Mass Production Zakus. XD

The newly announced Master Grade Delta Plus is going to be an automatic must buy for me. Looks pretty nice, but I think a little fix here and there and it will be an awesome release.

The first thing that went through my head when I saw the SD Kshatriya and SD Loto, was how cute they look. XD
No seriously, you have to admit that. But I’m curious if Kshatriya will have a transformed mode like the SD Unicorn and Sinanju.

Even cuter is how this SD Wing Gundam EW has a giant sword made up of his weapons and wings. Reminds me of the sword that Cloud used in Advent Children.

The GM III doesn’t look bad even though I’m still not getting it. Looks like the some of the extra weapons can be detached like what they did with Stark Jegan.

So the GM Cannon II has light blue mixed with dark green? Again, same with the GM III, I’m not going to get this. You can see the boxart somewhat behind it too.

Looks like someone from Bandai modified the Dreissen-Unicorn Version into the Gundam ZZ version. Truth be told, I think I like the Unicorn version better, with it’s multi shade of blue on the body. ^^

So that’s part one for my thoughts on the 50th Shizouka Hobby Show. Next one should be about anything else that’s non-Gundam related, and then my overall finally thoughts.

As usual all images from Gundam Guy.

7 Responses to “Azngunpla’s Thoughts on 50th Shizouka Hobby Show Part 1”

  1. man the MG’s are getting so expensive I’m no longer looking forward to them anymore! :( that said, the SD loto and Kyshatria looks… rather wierd =/

  2. Setsunator said

    Woah,lots of suprised kits!!
    im still hoping for MG Zulu :(

  3. Q said

    It is a little embarassing for Bandai to mislabel the Master Gundam + Fuunsaiki set. The Delta Plus is without a doubt the spotlight among the new Gunpla announced so far, just like THE-O and Victory Gundam in previous years.

    I’m currently having my eyes on the GM III, although I may be getting Dreissen and MG 00 Raiser. Those effect parts could literally be just for show and won’t appear on kits, just like those GN particles effects on Exia R2 and O Gundam in a diorama display as seen last year.

  4. Elvin said

    Hoping they will release an MG Reborns Gundam sometime in future :P

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