Azngunpla’s Thoughts on 50th Shizouka Hobby Show Part 2

Posted by Tom on May 14, 2011

Okay, part two of awesomeness. I was gonna try to give my thoughts on every non Gundam kits there was shown, but there was so many of them, I decided to just talk about the ones that interest me. (Again, long post ahead).
So starting off with some Gundam things that I left off in part one… Not a lot I promise.

Not really a new release, but this is still a nice RG Launcher/Sword Strikes. Makes me can’t wait till I build minds. :D

The next UC Hardgraph release is this jeep that is named the Lakota… It’s a Hobby Japan July special and is in the same scale as the Core Fighter released before it. But it’s not as exciting as the Core Fighter IMO. ^^;

Spin offs for the Gunpla Builders series? I’m not sure, but it appears that the Beginning Gundam will have two variations. Looks like both Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby will be releasing different weapons and armor sets, so that’s quite interesting. I might want to get the Hobby Japan version. Not sure when it’ll be release, but for those who can read japanese, I’ll be glad if you can tell me.

This SD qubeley looks both cute and weird at the same time.  Ok moving on to non-Gundam things.

From Hasegawa:

The YF-11B Thunderbolt. I know nothing about Macross, but I sorta like how this plane mode reminds me of a plane in Ace Combat 5. If it’s non-transformable, I might want to pick it up in the future. Release in mid june of 2011.

From Yamato, this is the YF-19 Custom Fire Valkyrie.

The plane mode doesn’t look too bad. Again, I know absolutely nothing about Macross. Not so sure about the price and release date.

This looks pretty cool. From Virtual On, this is the 1/100 YZR-8000 Gamma “MYZR GAMMA.” It appears to be a variation of the YZR-8000 Delta Myzr Delta. Just like Macross, I have no knowledge about Virtual On, but I’ve been very intrigued of the designs ever since I saw Hobby Link’s Gunpla TV. I believe it was the episode where Syd showed other model kits besides Gunpla.

Not shown in colors, but I think the blue color scheme will work great! I definitely would like to get my hands on this. Release in July of 2011 for 6150 yen.

The TF-14B/C+ `Fei-Yen with BH/PH+ [Fetish] looks extremely weird. This beats Nobel Gundam in terms of more feminine features. XD Someone who knows Virtual On mind filling me in, what with the crazy designs and all. I know that some of these are design by Katoki Hajime, but I hardly doubt this is one of his, ahem, handy works…

Lol! Three different chest sizes! XD That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, mecha wise. This kit goes out on May for 3800 yen, if you’re interested. ;)

Awesome Optimus Prime model is awesome. Based on the Transformers movies I believe.

I believe that the concept is similar to the Frame-On kits, where the Internal Frame is already assembled, and you only need to put on the armor pieces.

I wonder if some of the markings are decals, or if they are already painted on. If they are painted on, I can see why some people are already disappointed with this kit.

Bumblebee is also going to be released with Optimus, so I wonder if we’re going to have all the Autobots and Decepticons in the future. Release in late June, Optimus is going for 8800 yen, and Bumblebee goes for 3800 yen.

Also shown is this 1/144 Starscream in his jet mode. If this thing doesn’t transform, I’m buy it just for the sake of owning a F-22 model, and in 1/144 scale. Now we can see how Starscream stakes up against model suits of the same scale. >:) Price and release date TBA.

That’s all I could find at the moment. Pics came from Gundamguy’s other blog; Mecha Guy, and from Gunjap. That’s all the non-Gundam stuff I either could find or just pipe my interest. Next should be my final thoughts.

6 Responses to “Azngunpla’s Thoughts on 50th Shizouka Hobby Show Part 2”

  1. The transformers looks cool!

  2. DarkFaiz said

    LOL mecha with chest size, and the biggest one is G cup XP

  3. In “Where I Visit” i think you should write Gunjap too…

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