MG 00 Qan[t] WIP 1

Posted by Tom on May 18, 2011

I actually started to work on this two days ago. But either way, I’m starting my 00 Qan[t] project. I’m gonna format all WIP post like this title since it’s much eaiser. ^^ Anyways, I though I put my final thoughts on the Shizouka Show. Overall, it’s was pretty good, even though Bandai’s booths could have been bigger. MG Delta Plus and HGFC Shining and Master Gundams are nice and all, but what about getting stuff from Gundam X. I would like to see some kind of Gundam X MG or more HG in the future and maybe some from the many Gundam side stories.

Anyways, Continuing on the WIP:

Out of the box, you get a total of 15 plates. Polycaps are from MG Strike. The clear green pieces are very nice.

And I finished the inner frame since I started two days ago… Cleaning nubmarks on the inner frame was a major PITA! I haven’t even touch the other pieces. Construction wise, It’s actually pretty simple, like the MG Wing Gundam. The frame will be taken apart for painting later.

20 Responses to “MG 00 Qan[t] WIP 1”

  1. zoidiect said

    indeed, cleaning nubs on ABS plastic was no fun XD

  2. maknaedik said

    Do you sand them as well or you just trim them?

  3. aptkane said

    Looks pretty darn good so far!

  4. reminds me of my qant…

    btw im redmage from and

    would you care to exchange link with my blog? thanks

  5. Elvin said

    I think you should only cut out the parts when you need them, also stacking the runners together is not a good practice. I think they will scratch each other if you are not careful. I only cut out my parts when I need them and also lay out my runners individually or stack them with the plastic bage in between to prevent them from getting scratched by another runner.

    I thought of getting this kit but didnt like it having only weapons mounted on one side of the shoulder… Looks quite unbalanced :P

    Hope to see the finished product ;)

    • Tom said

      I was being careful. I actually find this way of separation to be like a puzzle when you put the kit together, except it’s not a 1000 piece Gunpla. ^^

      • Elvin said

        I tend to do that as well but only cut out the entire arms’ or the entire legs’ pieces and piece them together. some of them have left and right specifics so I prefer to only cut out the ones i need.

        Understand about the puzzle part ;) I think an MG has close to 1000 pieces. I havent counted them before but some kits i think the Infinite Justice?? or the Sinanju? has tons of parts so I guess those are close to a 1000 piece puzzle :P

  6. chubbybots said

    So far I still prefer to build part by part haha….don’t think I can put them all back together if they are laid out like that!

    I agree that sanding ABS parts are tough…..that is why a file will come in handy buhahaha!!

  7. Setsunator said

    ara,start build your already?

  8. Thanks! :D

  9. Man i loved working on mine Qan T is simple and straight forward to build but not boring to build. Enjoy yours ;D

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