MG 00 Qan[t] WIP 2

Posted by Tom on May 21, 2011

Got the inner frame primed. I’ve left out some pieces since it won’t really show. This new primer I bought is awesome, and I’m so glad I bought it. I’ll be using this stuff more often.

Now all I got to do is prime these parts, get pay tomorrow and buy some more spray cans. Man, these Tamiya cans are raping my wallet… DX

BTW, where the end of the world at, eh?


17 Responses to “MG 00 Qan[t] WIP 2”

  1. Aya said

    what new primer did you use ?

  2. tsukinari said

    Looking pretty sweet… Valspar Primer… made from? I wonder my area got it… Still using Surfacer 1200 ^^;;

  3. Now is the awkward moment when the earth should be destroyed but we still alive

    • Tom said

      Which means the prediction is wrong. If people want the world to end they can wait until 2012. Until then, I’m not believing in anything until I see it with my two eyes.

  4. maknaedik said

    WOW! You actually primed and painted the inner frames, the thing that I’m not good at no matter what I do :(

    • Tom said

      Priming and painting is no different from topcoating. Just spray in short control burst and always go from left to right.

      • maknaedik said

        Yes, it’s no different, but the paint will get scratches once I play around with it. It happened on my Infinite Justice actually T_T If it doesn’t get scratched, it will sometimes make the joints too tight. That’s why, I will never ever do that again, unless needed.

        • aptkane said

          Well, if you intend to play with it, its probably better not to paint. Painting is more for the builders who treat the kit as a model, and display it.

  5. Nice work! Can’t wait for the rest of it.

  6. aptkane said

    Tom you really should look into an Air Brush. I think it’ll save you money in the long run. Spray cans get very expensive and have very little control.

    Primer coat looks great though, nice job!

    • Tom said

      I know, but it’ll be weird if I jumped onto airbrush so soon after starting up this blog. ^^; I think if I can get an airbrush and air compress for about $450.

      • aptkane said

        Well, compressors are always pretty pricy, though you can find some that are only about 100 bucks. I should really replace mine, so I know how the price can kind of sting.

        As for the airbrush, I bought at “Master” brand dual action for 35$ online and it works absolutely great! There really is no need for a 500 dollar brush if you’re not doing commission work.

  7. Should really look for a cheap airbrush set , those spray cans in Australia, 7cans is almost equal to cheap compressor. I have invested in set but don’t have intention of painting gunpla with it ;D

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