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MG 00 Qan[T] Review Up!

Posted by Tom on June 28, 2011

Finally, after much delay, the review for 00 Qan[T] is up. I’m sorry for the long wait, partly of me being busy sometimes, and me being lazy. No matter. You can go here or use the Master Grade tab.

And if you’re wondering, my next review will be the HG Arios. I’m going to try to get that done before going on vacation next week. As for Gunpla project, MG Deathscythe Hell Custom is next after my vacation, so look forward to that! :D

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Follow Up on Thoughts on Gunpla: June 2011

Posted by Tom on June 23, 2011

So apparently, there were more stuff shown in the hobby magazines then I thought… Oh well, starting off we have a better looking picture of the MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G. Shown is the GN Sword II Blaster, which was omitted from the last early scans. Oh man this kit looks great. The added knee armor makes this 00 Gundam look more eye pleasing then the 00 Raiser.
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Thoughts on Gunpla: June 2011

Posted by Tom on June 22, 2011

Time for another Thoughts on Gunpla. I didn’t do any for last month, since there was the Shizouka Hobby show. You can go back to my older post if you’re curious. I was gonna wait till later to do this, but I have a feeling that there won’t be a lot of new announcements. Anyways, these 0083 with Phantom Bullet images from Denkegi Hobby have been cropping up lately, which I’m going to assume that a GP01 2.0 might be announced soon. I hope so, so that I can get my GP03S 2.0 that I’ve been waiting for quite a while now.
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HG Arios Gundam WIP 2

Posted by Tom on June 21, 2011

It’s been a while since I started my Arios Gundam. So continuing from the torso,
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Even More Gunpla!?

Posted by Tom on June 20, 2011


Um, yea. Took my second visit to HobbyTown USA again today. And to be honest, it was a hard decision. It was three HGs or a MG Red Frame. And I had to think so hard, but in the end, I got GM Type C, Gouf Custom, and Ecoas Jegan. I think I’m in a HGUC mode ^^;. The Jegan and Gouf are going to be my relaxation builds, while the GM Type C will be for the Wagtail conversion (if I can find it). But I’m starting to kinda regret buying the GM now… aw well, if I can’t find the conversion parts, I’ll probably sell it on ebay or something. I’ll update my backlog page later.

Oh, and WIP for HG Arios tomorrow.

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Some Gunpla Get

Posted by Tom on June 16, 2011

Yup, got me the Hugh Grade Universal Century Sinanju and Unicorn Gundam in Destroy mode. Got these at my Hobbytown USA for the price you can see on the box… Yea it’s expensive, but I had a though that said “you’ll never know when you’ll see them again.” so I nabbed them. The hobby store had a big restock on other Gunpla, but I’ll get those latter. But I’m going back after the weekends because there was some kits that caught my eye, and I must have them.

I won’t be starting on these anytime soon. Maybe after I get an airbrush system in the future, but these are going to be great builds. :)

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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Promotional Video

Posted by Tom on June 13, 2011

Yesterday in Japan, Sunrise held a press conference and show a trailer to the new Gundam series. Not only that, but they also announce merchandise that will be connected to the show, including Gunpla, card games, and a video game. In this short trailer, I did picked up some things:

  • The enemy is most likely to be an alien race. And their mechs reminds me of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Is Kaiba commanding them? XD
  • Animation are, of course, spot on. I mean, this is 2011, it’ll be criminal if the animation is terrible.
  • The grunt suit is pink! lolwut?! Well, I think it’s a grunt suit.
  • A third of the way into the trailer, I can hear quite a bit of Gundam Seed sound effects.
  • The designs of everything really looks like this is aimed towards the newer generations.

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HG Arios Gundam WIP 1

Posted by Tom on June 11, 2011

Gonna start on this as more of a relaxation build. No major painting other then touch ups and top coat.
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New Gundam Series is called Gundam AGE!?!

Posted by Tom on June 9, 2011

So that’s the name of the show? I think it could have cooler name, but now that I think of it, Gundam Seed is a pretty dumb name too. I’m not going to say anything yet because there really isn’t much information, but there are some designs shown, and I admit, they look kinda super robot, so is this going to be a super robot Gundam that some people want. I wouldn’t mind, it’ll be quite refreshing. :D
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MG 00 Qan[t] Finished!

Posted by Tom on June 6, 2011

Finally, 00 Qan[t] is finally finished. I though I was going to run out of patience with this kit, since not a lot of things really went my way. Mostly the white paint was just a really pain to paint on. I may have to change my methods of painting white. Advices are much appreciated.
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