MG Qan[t] WIP 5

Posted by Tom on June 3, 2011

Though I show you guys how 00 Qan[t] is turning out. Some of the white parts didn’t really turn out as good, but whatever. The rest of the parts are either painted or not painted yet. But with E3 coming next week, I’m going to take a small break to get into the gaming scene. I’ll be done before the end of next week. Oh, and I haven’t got the replacement parts for the MG Wing yet, but it should be here by next week… I hope.


11 Responses to “MG Qan[t] WIP 5”

  1. tsukinari said

    Nice early Gundam 00 PV color scheme XD.. looks pretty good ^^..

  2. zoidiect said

    somewhat, i guess, throw in some hot-red in there. “it should keep it low profile”

    Stark said that, not me XD

  3. chubbybots said

    Ah looks like ANA version to me now! But nonetheless interesting choice of color for Quanta!

  4. This colour scheme gives it a mysterious look before the final colour scheme outcome. Nice! XD

  5. aptkane said

    Lookin good!

    As long as you’re using acryllic paint, you can always soak the parts that didn’t turn out right in Formula 409 – it’ll strip the paint right off and aside from a small bit of clean up afterwards, you’ll have a clean slate!

    • Tom said

      Well, I’m using Tamiya Spray’s Pure White (which I think is lacquer, not sure) and Krylon Gloss White, which I have no idea what base paint it is(Could be enamel but not too sure).

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