Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Promotional Video

Posted by Tom on June 13, 2011

Yesterday in Japan, Sunrise held a press conference and show a trailer to the new Gundam series. Not only that, but they also announce merchandise that will be connected to the show, including Gunpla, card games, and a video game. In this short trailer, I did picked up some things:

  • The enemy is most likely to be an alien race. And their mechs reminds me of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Is Kaiba commanding them? XD
  • Animation are, of course, spot on. I mean, this is 2011, it’ll be criminal if the animation is terrible.
  • The grunt suit is pink! lolwut?! Well, I think it’s a grunt suit.
  • A third of the way into the trailer, I can hear quite a bit of Gundam Seed sound effects.
  • The designs of everything really looks like this is aimed towards the newer generations.

So while the trailer looks nice and all, it still doesn’t give a lot of information. So until I read more, I’m still going to keep neutral on this. Although…

Judging by the like/dislike bar, there is a significant negative reactions from the older fans of Gundam. I can understand that. But at the same time, you’re reacting to what’s only shown so far. More info will be release, so I’m sure that opinions will be turned after several episodes.

Kawakuchi seems to echo the same feelings that I have, in that people are really judging this show by the very little information that we have, as well as the fact that the series was announced in a children’s magazine. Of course, this show IS for kids, why would the older fans get angry. They still have Unicorn for crying out loud!

So I guess the moral of this little cry-feast is that for the Gundam franchise to survive, you need new fans. And what better way then to bring in the young kids. If you can make an impact on them, you have a fan for life. After that, it depends on them if they want to explore the Gundam series. But older fans should really remember why they got into the show as a kid. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t about the story or characters. But the fact that it’s giant robots beating the crap out of other giant robots and awesome action. It was when we all grew older and start to better understand the stories and character development do we truly appreciate the series that brought us into this great franchise.

Anyways, enough ranting! Besides the little trailer, Bandai has already announced some models for this new series. With this new series comes new lines of models. The first is the AG 1/144 lines. AG stands for “Advance Grade” by the way.

This is the new line where Bandai says that you won’t be needing any tools. Going by this statement, the looks of the models, and the pricing (all of them are 600 yen), I am going to say that these are the newly reborn First Grades, which died out after season 1 of Gundam 00.

The second is the 1/100 GB lines. GB standing for Gage-ing Builder.

Again, going by the looks of the models and pricing of the two first release (the AGE-1 Gundam is 2800 yen and the Garfan is 3000 yen) I’m going to say that these are the Non-Grade 1/100’s for this series. Or they could be action figures, like bigger versions of Robot Domoshii I think. I must admit I’m pretty interested in the Garfan, since it transform into a dragon looking mecha. ^^;

Both of these new lines have chips in them so that you can use it for various arcade games across Japan. Interesting, but since I live in the US, it’s a lost cause really. >.>

Of course, we’ll be getting High Grades and Mega Size versions of the AGE-1 Gundam.

The High Grade AGE-1 doesn’t look bad IMO. It does look kinda plain though. Looks wise, I can see a lot of sharp angles and some sticker for the knees. Is the chest center going to a sticker or a clear green part? Fall release for 1200 yen.

The Mega Size AGE-1 Gundam looks nicely detailed, which it should for a model kit of this scale. Price TBA, but I read that it may be release in the fall.

Also a Master Grade AGE-1 Gundam is in the works, which is quite exciting.

If the MG is in the works, I want it to look like this. The proportion looks excellent to me, it’s not too skinny, and not too bulky. Hopefully we’ll see a prototype in the next couple of months.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE begins airing this October. The staff is a nice mixture of old and new:

Director: Susumu Yamaguchi (The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Keroro Gunso films)
Story/Series Composition: Akihiro Hino The president of the game studio Level 5 (Inazuma Ileven)

Original Character Design: Takuzō Nagano (Inazuma Ileven, Professor Layton)
Animation Character Design: Michinori Chiba (Moblie Suit Gundam 00, Basilisk)
Mechanical design:Kanetake Ebikawa (Mobile Suit Gungam 00, Full Metal Panic!)
Junya Ishigaki (Macross Frontier, Mobile Suit Gundam V, W, X,∀)
Kenji Teraoka (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

Bandai will also announce something Gundam related on June 25. It could be a new series, a new hobby announcement, or something else. If it’s a another Gundam series announcement, that will be awesome because I will have 3 Gundam series to watch.

So what are you guys opinion on the series. Or the model kit lines, or this new announcement on the 25th of June. Me, I can’t wait to see more model kits from this series (especially the Garfan) and while I am somewhat skeptical, I look forward to the first several episodes of this new series.

As always, info and pics are from Gundam Guy. Video from Youtube on Gundaminfo’s channel.


16 Responses to “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Promotional Video”

  1. maknaedik said

    Honestly, the things I’m disappointed are: first, the aliens. second, is the animation. Uso Ebbing might be a kid, but the way he was drawn is not as childish looking as this. It’s almost a destined child from digimon came across gundam universe. The aliens are, meh. I have mixed reactions about that actually. The aliens still have this mecha things around them. They have guns, makes me think that they are just bunch of human operated alien looking mechs.

    I can say that I’ll still watch this show nevertheless. It’s still a Gundam anyway. I still don’t like Turn A more than this because Gundam AGE still looks likea Gundam.

    If the story will fail me, then there’s still gunpla. So I’ll really never be sad. The arcade machines, I think, will only be available at Japan, and most likely in the US. But, I don’t think it will never make here in my country. So those really never caught my eye.

  2. No wonder the V-fin of the AGE-1 looked like a mish-mash between Arios and Reborns…

  3. Marzz said

    We will see…
    LOL @ Kaiba comment. “Screw the rules, I have money!!!”

  4. Elvin said

    Gundam Age, Not sure what the base story would revolve around but there are few things that pop into my mind when watching the PV. Firstly, is bandai making this in rockman style? all the characters lok very rockman like, all round and kiddy. I heard that this anime might be featuring 3 generations of gundam pilots so this might be the children generation??

    Also the AGE 1 gundam, The design is good for an entry model into the series, nothing too flamboyant and overly powerful. One think that bogs me is why does the gundam have a blue spoiler on its back?? i dont think adding a spoiler would make it faster lol…

    Anyway I will watch this regardless and give my overall review if this is a poor series or not at the end of it.

    Hopefully i will decude it is worth watching at the end of it.

    • Tom said

      Yea, it’s a series that will span three generations, so the plot will be interesting, hopefully. I just now realize the car like spoiler on the Gundam. XD Maybe they’re like mini stabilizers?

  5. i sure love the main character design :D

  6. Q said

    With so much merchandise and stuff having announced in one go along with the anime, I think AGE is quite an ambitious project for Sunrise and Bandai to do, not to mention that they have Level-5 studio to assist them on it as well.

    Even with the trailer revealed, it’s still way too early to jump into conclusion and judge the book by the cover, as many people have done so already. Sure, some people felt that they got abandoned or left behind because they are doing something radically different, but what is written there about having new fans and whether all fans will remain after so many years is a very valid point. Besides, perhaps some who are so used to the older series and having their minds rooted with the well established settings make them hard to open up their views. That’s what I feel at least.

    • Tom said

      Well, I haven’t been in Gundam for quite a while (got back after Seed), but I can feel for the older fans. The thing that ticks me off about most of the old fans is their “OMG, it’s not UC/mature series, so it’s not a Gundam series!” mentality. Of course I know that not all old fans do that, but a majority of them do.

      I agree that Bandai is rolling out quite the merchandises. What grunt suit are you going to get Q?

  7. gunpla47 said

    Not bad huh :D Can’t wait for it!! Gona watch it definitely!

  8. aptkane said

    A couple of things to point out:

    1.) 2:09 “Korewa..Gundam” YAY!!!!

    2.) I’m coming around to the design of the Gundam itself. It doesnt’ look too bad in action.

    3.) Immediately hated the flying unicorn evil Evangelion looking things. Bleh.

    4.) No.3 being said, I agree with Q – its still early and you have to hand it to them, they’re going against the trend on this, which can sometimes be a good thing.

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