Some Gunpla Get

Posted by Tom on June 16, 2011

Yup, got me the Hugh Grade Universal Century Sinanju and Unicorn Gundam in Destroy mode. Got these at my Hobbytown USA for the price you can see on the box… Yea it’s expensive, but I had a though that said “you’ll never know when you’ll see them again.” so I nabbed them. The hobby store had a big restock on other Gunpla, but I’ll get those latter. But I’m going back after the weekends because there was some kits that caught my eye, and I must have them.

I won’t be starting on these anytime soon. Maybe after I get an airbrush system in the future, but these are going to be great builds. :)


11 Responses to “Some Gunpla Get”

  1. those indeed a great loot :D the sinanju price is a bit high like you said

  2. Best of luck with the trims, buddy. Take it from me… XD

  3. Aya said

    Pay the shipping and it would be the same with that price :( Nice get by the way :D

  4. Hikarunu said

    you gonna paint that Sinanju’s gold emblem? or just use that foil stickers?

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