Even More Gunpla!?

Posted by Tom on June 20, 2011


Um, yea. Took my second visit to HobbyTown USA again today. And to be honest, it was a hard decision. It was three HGs or a MG Red Frame. And I had to think so hard, but in the end, I got GM Type C, Gouf Custom, and Ecoas Jegan. I think I’m in a HGUC mode ^^;. The Jegan and Gouf are going to be my relaxation builds, while the GM Type C will be for the Wagtail conversion (if I can find it). But I’m starting to kinda regret buying the GM now… aw well, if I can’t find the conversion parts, I’ll probably sell it on ebay or something. I’ll update my backlog page later.

Oh, and WIP for HG Arios tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Even More Gunpla!?”

  1. Woot.. HGUC get galore~!! lolz.. Nice choice btw… I like that Jegan ECOAS.. ^^

  2. zoidiect said


  3. bd77 said

    You will not be disappointed with the Jegan ECOAS-type. Good articulation all around. =D

  4. Good call on getting ‘Chuck’ Take it from me, buddy… :D

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