Follow Up on Thoughts on Gunpla: June 2011

Posted by Tom on June 23, 2011

So apparently, there were more stuff shown in the hobby magazines then I thought… Oh well, starting off we have a better looking picture of the MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G. Shown is the GN Sword II Blaster, which was omitted from the last early scans. Oh man this kit looks great. The added knee armor makes this 00 Gundam look more eye pleasing then the 00 Raiser.

I still think that if the upper torso’s size was tweaked just a liiiittle bit, this Gundam would look awesome. Coming out in September, I have two MGs to look forward now. Priced at 5500 yen or about 70 USD… -__- (Curse you US Congress!!!!)

The second MG I’m looking forward to get is the MG Delta Plus. I really hope the final product has this shade of blue compare to the HG Delta Plus.

Transformation is like any other Zetas I’ve seen. Hopefully, it’ll be pretty solid. MG Delta Plus comes out in August for 4725 yen.

HG Master Gundam looks pretty nice. Not so nice parts? The nub marks (they’re pretty much just sticking out like a sore eye) and no yellow parts for the wing/cloak parts… For a 2730 yen kit, I sorta expected more. Then again the horse sorta makes up for it. XD

HG Shining Gundam isn’t looking too bad either. Gone are the oversize leg and arm pieces, now it sleek look to it. It does look a little skinny for me, but it’s a HG so go figure. Again, it looks like some painting applications will be needed. August release for 1575 yen.

Also shown is the HG Nobel Gundam Berserker Mode. If I ever get this kit, I’m getting rid of the Trans-Am colors. XD September release for 1575 yen.

This isn’t really a Gunpla kit, but it’s still worth to talk about. This is the G.F.F Metal Composite of the RX-78-2 Gundam [The Origin]. Pretty much, this is the RX-78 that was in The Origin manga, and no doubt this is the version that will be shown if The Origin ever gets animated. So far, I like the design of it except for the Core Fighter, it just doesn’t look cool ^^;. Again, we’ll be knowing more information come Friday. Also I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t “Gundam Origin” sound a bit more better then “Gundam The Origin?” That’s just me though.

As usual, all info and pics from Gundam Guy.


19 Responses to “Follow Up on Thoughts on Gunpla: June 2011”

  1. zoidiect said

    i found the core-fighter of Origin RX-78 looks cute. good thing we’ll be having The Origin in anime, so might will get RX-78 type Origin in HG :D not to forget that i made my RX-78 G30 based on this RX-78 ^^

    and yeah, MG OO7S/G looks really good

    • Tom said

      I’ll admit that it has a cutesy retro feel to it.
      Your HG looks pretty nice, even though the shoulder cannon looks a little big. XD

  2. chubbybots said

    Well I am also looking forward to the MG 7 swords hehe, plus its cheaper than 00 raiser! But i am surprised they came out with the seven swords mg so shortly after just releasing the MG 00 Raiser..

  3. aptkane said

    I’d like to see Zoidiect’s G30!

    I agree, that core fighter is very “cutesy” looking but I do like the Origin’s design. I have the Metal Composite RX-78-2 and this would be a very nice companion piece.

    Delta Plus looks wicked good!

  4. master grade seven sword with raiser will be badass,

    but it’s gonna be expensive :D

  5. Hikarunu said

    aww,the Core Fighter look cute

  6. I am for sure getting the 00 Seven Sword and lucky the aussie dollars are high soo the seven sword isn’t that expensive for me =D but im planning to get the oo raiser as well as i grew i liking to it over the time.

  7. No yellow parts while both the Master Gundam and Fuun Saiki needed them is pretty odd, though they maybe wanted to keep the price of the kit below 3000 yen.
    Nevertheless, it’s a definite get! XD

  8. canopy said

    Two that have my attention are the MG 007S/G and MG Delta Plus. Looks intriguing. Bandai successfully made me gonna buy both the MG hahaha. I already got the HG though hahaha. :D

  9. Tom said

    Yup, if I like/want it, I’ll end up getting it regardless. XD

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