Real Grade & Metal Build Freedom Gundam Announced!

Posted by Tom on July 15, 2011

Don’t let the video thumb nail fool you. The announcement is in there. Hehe, I can’t wait for this RG. The Freedom has always been my favorite Gundam design so this is a day one buy for me. ^.^

This is my MG Freedom Gundam that I’ve build before starting this blog. I’m looking at this to see how the new RG would look. Obviously the MG is pretty plain looking in terms of the body, but I’m guessing the wings could be different colors of blue. But then again, those are pretty thin.

Going by this very low-res picture, The proportion doesn’t look bad. It’s not as long looking as the MG that’s for sure.

The same thing can be said to the Metal Build Freedom. And while I’m not going to buy this because of the price (It’s going to be over 100 USD, I’m sure of it) I’m going to be keeping an eye on this.

Price and release date for these two are not yet announced, but this is pretty exciting for me. Of course, Seed haters are gonna hate, but screw you guys. Seed is a part of Gundam whether you like it or not.

As always, info and pics on Gundam Guy.


5 Responses to “Real Grade & Metal Build Freedom Gundam Announced!”

  1. maknaedik said

    Freedom is getting so much love <3

  2. aptkane said

    COOL! Like I said, I truly enjoyed building Char’s Zaku, so I’m glad the RG line is getting more entries. I may pick up the regular Zaku II and I’ll be very interested to see how the Freedom turns out. I think if I buy a Gundam from the line, I’ll wait for the X (if they make it).

  3. Abdullah said

    Does anybody else think that they might release something similar to the 0 raiser metal build like a strike package that can turn the freedom gundam into the strike freedom?

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