MG Deathscythe Hell EW WIP 3

Posted by Tom on July 25, 2011

Progress on Deathscythe Hell has been very slow, but it’s coming alone. Pretty much the only thing I finished is the gold, red and clear pieces. Oh, and the colors look a lot more darker in real life.

I did got some pieces primed. The whites and some of the black armor pieces. I’m thinking of using a dark navy blue for these armor pieces since they pretty much go on the shoulders and skirts and I think they’ll add some nice color variation without standing out too much. The scythe is also primed but I have no idea what color to paint it. For now, I’m going to continue priming the parts until I have time and money to buy some paints. Of course, me replaying Twilight Princess is also taking up my time, but I can say that I’m looking forward to Skyward Sword. :)


One Response to “MG Deathscythe Hell EW WIP 3”

  1. aptkane said

    Hmm, yeah, that sounds pretty good, using the Dark Blue. Nice idea!

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