Thoughts on Gunpla: July 2011

Posted by Tom on July 29, 2011

Another month has pass and so another Thoughts on Gunpla. I found this month’s batch of news to be quite good, but my motivation to do Gunpla is sorta slipping. Maybe because I’m pretty much out of master grades to build, but it’s also affecting my Wing Gundam photo shoot. I don’t know why, but I have like no desire to do a photo shoot of it. If you guys want  I can try to do it, but for now, I don’t really see myself taking pictures right now. Hopefully, I can start buying stuff again and get myself out of this runt, but this blasted economy is just so bad, and the US government seems to be so eager to screw over the country so I have very little confidence right now. Just gotta keep going I guess. Alright enough ranting on to the Gunpla!
First up the most important thing.

MG Delta Plus is coming out in a week and this badass boxart just came out. I love how they have it in the scene from Episode 3.

Looks so good. But I’m gonna have to pass for now. No money to buy this which is also contributing to my runt in life… :(

The boxart for Shining and Master Gundam is now out. They’re ok I guess, but Master Gundam’s pose is just epic… because he has a horse! And on the topic, I noticed a premium sticker on the Master Gundam’s box, so is this kit coming with some booklet on G Gundam related things, kinda like how MG Epyon EW had a Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop booklet too? Both kits are coming out on August.

SD Kshatriya’s boxart. Looks pretty nice. Doesn’t this kit comes with an SD Loto? So why no Kshatriya + Loto? XD

The HG AGE-1 Normal Gundam looks pretty nice when straight build. The A in the chest isn’t green but with the way it’s separated, painting it should be easy. It also has some nice articulation.

Also from Gundam AGE is the HG Genoace and the HG Gafran. And while I’m pretty interested in the Gafran, I’m gonna need some more better pics in order to convince me to pick this up.

Coming out with the October addition of Gundam Ace is the 1/48 scale bust of the RX-78-2 The Origin version. It’s pretty similar to the Unicorn and Sinanju head bust, but this doesn’t come with a crane to hold up a HG. So does this mean there’s no RX-78 The Origin HG? I hope not.

Earlier this month, the next RG was announced as the Freedom Gundam. Now we have some color images on what the RG Freedom can look like. And it’s looking mighty fine. Looks like Bandai got rid of the dark blue as an excuse for use of multiple shades of blue. I could be wrong though since that little image of the wings still show the dark blue. I can’t wait to see how the prototype will look like.

The next HGUC kit announced was the  GM II. And while I’m not gonna get this, the GM has quite the love this year.

And of course with Episode 4 coming out so soon, the HGUC Jesta is announced. And this I’m gonna get. I’m a little confuse if this is a GM or if it’s a Jegan but it still looks great. The colors are also confusing me. Some scans have it in this dark gray color.

And other scans have it in colors similar to ReZEL. Hmm, I kinda actually like the ReZEL Colors, but maybe the dark gray suits it more.

And finally, the next master grade to be release after the 00 Gundam Seven  Sword/G is the Gundam Sandrock ver. EW (aka ver Ka). Which means the Heavyarms EW is going to be release last. And while I’ll be waiting on their custom version, I do believe that Sandrock custom is just a color repaint. Who knows, I might be willing to pick this up and just paint it in the Sandrock Custom’s colors. Although I’m surprised there’s no mention of a  Nataku.

And that’s all that has my interest so far. Quite a few things to look forward to in the next coming months, but my runt in life is sorta letting me down. Maybe if I won any of the prize in that Gunpla Promotional Campaign Drawing then my motivation would rise. Of course getting money would be nice, but a guy can’t dream can’t he.

As always, pics and info are from Gundam Guy.


10 Responses to “Thoughts on Gunpla: July 2011”

  1. bd77 said

    From this list, the HGUC Jesta… GET~!
    HGFC Master Asia… Maybe (for teh lulz).
    RG Freedom… I’ll let my friend have a go at it. =D

  2. Does the Kyshatria come with Loto? Cool! I thought they were two separate sets :O

  3. maknaedik said

    I’ll only get HG Genoace <3 But pretty much, everything looks good. Looking forward to December's release

  4. aptkane said

    Ah, finally, the Sandrock! I might have to break down and buy him.

    Any idea where I could pick up an issues of Gundam Ace so I can get a hold of that bust?

  5. aptkane said

    Cool, thanks Tom! I’m going to order it and do some mods on that bust.

  6. Q said

    Having a hard time catching with blogs recently… I wish I have more free time on my hands. orz

    The SD Loto should come with Kshatriya itself. I’ve seen the two together in preview shots in Amazon JP. As for Master Gundam the premium stuff is apparently going to be a sheet that can be inserted into an Action Base 3 (the rectangular one) for the background thingy. Jesta is an advanced variant of the Jegan (supposedly part of the Unicorn Project too); the name and the fact that Jegan is supposed to slowly phase out the GM III should be the reasons.

    The Jesta is without a doubt a must get for me. GM II I’m still thinking, depending on the final colour I suppose. Need to build the 9 GM IIIs before this happens though, but I can’t believe I’ve faced a chipped part as well as a missing runner at the moment! T_T

    • Tom said

      How do you lose a runner? o.o
      And thanks for the quick facts. And I know what you mean about free time. I’m feeling college breathing down neck in the next coming weeks. D:

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