MG Deathscythe Hell EW Complete… Sorta…

Posted by Tom on August 7, 2011

All the painting, panel lining, and decaling is done, but how can it not be complete?! Well, I’m sure you can guess by looking at the bad picture above.

What happen was when I put in the shoulder socket to the torso unit, it was really stiff and got stuck half way. So I did some twisting motions to disconnect the arms, and the peg TWISTED off with it. Needless to say I was in disbelief… TT.TT

While I do think the reasons were because of paint layers, I believe it’s also because of the design of the joint. Compare to Quanta’s shoulder peg, the XXXG frame’s shoulder peg is a lot smaller and has hallow “indents” at the base. Also the socket of Quanta’s arm has a polycap, so it makes sliding in more stress free compare to the ABS frame of the Deathscythe.

Needless to say, it’s gonna be a while until I can buy replacement parts from Gundam Guy. Once again, the review of a MG kit is postpone until I can fix this. On the other hand, I’m sorta please with how the paint job came out. I do think it’s better then my Wing Gundam or 00 Quanta, but I still have a lot to learn.

In the mean time, I’m probably gonna start on a HG kit to relax. College class are just around the corner (NOOO! DX) so my focus is going to change real soon.


11 Responses to “MG Deathscythe Hell EW Complete… Sorta…”

  1. zoidiect said

    this is not the first case of DS shoulder peg breaking off i’ve seen. this is why i prefer polycapped joint rather than stiff-and-surely-will-wear-out-or-break polycap-less joints

  2. Hikarunu said

    oh my, very serious damage there.. do you try cement the part yet? maybe it can fix it

  3. aptkane said

    I would hold off on buying replacement parts. You should pin it. Go to your local hobby store and buy K&S 3/32 size copper rods.

    Trim the remaining shoulder peg down, then use a 3/32 bit and drill in. Cut yourself about a 1″ to 1/2″ inch piece of rod and use that to attach the arms. It might be cheaper than buying replacements.

    Sorry to hear this though, its unfortunate. Everything looks great though!

    • Tom said

      I could try that, but I’d have to buy the drill thingys. I’ll have a look when I get more money. Hobbytown does sell those right? Cause I see copper rods all the time.

      And looks great from a distance, but there were some bubbles here and there that I was too lazy to take care of… ^^;

      • aptkane said

        Yeah Tom, you should be able to get all of that at hobby town. Perhaps getting replacement parts will end up being more cost effective, now that I think of it, but its always handy to have a pin-vice drill on hand.

  4. O,o” the torso broke.. .. use those Brass rods to repair it haha XD

  5. Aww. . .man bad luck. . . hope you get replacement parts quick enough =/
    It happened to my limited edition Zeta too and im looking for replacement parts too

  6. Yami said

    This is why i am abit hesitant to assemble the kit fully first and then disassemble it for repaint since some of the parts are quite fragile. Hopefully you could get your replacement part soon so you can complete your review :) .

  7. gundamu said

    cut the peg and drill a hole then insert and cement a new one, of course of the same size..
    this is the proper way to mod it..

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