Real Grade Aile Strike WIP 1

Posted by Tom on August 11, 2011

So while I ponder on what to do with my Deathscythe Hell EW’s problem, I though I should start on my RG Aile Strike. After several months of thinking, I think I have the color scheme that I want for this kit.

But got to build the kit first. And this is what I finished so far, and it’s looking quite nice. The only small complain I have is that small gap between the cockpit hatch and the white piece. It’s an eyesore sometimes! As for the color scheme, I’m thinking of getting rid of the blue and go with a red motif. Kinda like the Sword Impulse.

Of course, I don’t plan on exactly copying this color scheme, but it’ll be pretty similar. And it’ll contrast very nicely whenever I get the Real Grade Freedom. :D

Sword Impulse pic from Z of Gunpla-Inochi by the way.


9 Responses to “Real Grade Aile Strike WIP 1”

  1. zoidiect said

    switching the blue with red eh? interesting, sounds like a fired up Strike Rouge

  2. Love ur idea bro . this is worth building ;D. one thing i didn’t like about the RGs… is adjusting the frames =A=” was really scary ><" scared it might break …

  3. jozhhendra said

    I find it quite stressful to paint those tiny parts :D

  4. aptkane said

    Nice, I hear the Aile Strike is just awesome on the RG line, should be a great build. I love the Sword Impulse’s color scheme, so I’m all for you copying it EXACTLY, but I’m sure you’ll want to do your own take on it.

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