New Backdrop

Posted by Tom on August 15, 2011

Experimenting with a white black drop. What do you guys think?

Should I stick with this new background, or go back to black?

Next WIP for RG Strike in a couple days.


8 Responses to “New Backdrop”

  1. White is good. It shows the contrast and the variation of Wing’s colour scheme… XD

  2. bd77 said

    The backdrop is nice but… you need more lighting. =_=

  3. aptkane said

    White’s good, but without the lighting, yeah, you’ll end up with shadow issues. If you do get more lights, you should be all set.

  4. canopy said

    Hey, you got your replacement Parts. :D
    White backdrop, good, but black action base combined with white is a ‘No No’. :D

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