Real Grade Aile Strike WIP 2

Posted by Tom on August 18, 2011

Finished building the Strike Gundam last night. What a great build it was. And I think the proportions looks very nice as well. By the time you read this, I’m already prepping the pieces for painting.

Of course, with college starting in less then five days, I’m afraid that it’s going to take a while (assuming I’m not gonna be swamped with school work in the first week). But, I got my paints ready, so maybe I can finish this in about two weeks maybe.

And yes, I’m freaking out about college right now… DX


5 Responses to “Real Grade Aile Strike WIP 2”

  1. Marzz said

    I see you are using other sprays other than the Tamiya sprays? Care to share what brands are they? :D
    They are much cheaper than Tamiya’s right?

  2. Tom said

    I’m using Rust-oleum, Krylon, and Valspar. And depending on what color you get, it’s very cheap. The Krylon black for example is around 4 USD, compare the the tiny 7 USD Tamiya can.

  3. Hmm is the RG strike fairly loose and bits fall off? cause i heard that was the case with the real grade line.

    On a side note?First year? Just starting out at college?
    Dw it was the same for me for me when i started this year :D
    Good luck with it mate looking forward for more reviews

    • Tom said

      It isn’t really loose, but the way some parts are put on, things like the side skirts can fall off depending on the pose and the handling.

      And thanks for the encouragement on college! :)

  4. aptkane said

    Good luck with college this year buddy! The Strike looks awesome, I’ll patiently wait to see some updates on the painting.

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