Real Grade Aile Strike WIP 3

Posted by Tom on August 22, 2011

I’ve been getting a lot of things painted in the last couple of days. So far, I’ve gotten all the inner frame, the yellow, the beam rifle (minus the white part) and the red parts. Here on the left is the bright red, the middle has the dull red, and the right has the italian red.

Here’s what the torso looks like, (sorry about the bad glare). So far so good. I also plan on adding some red on the shoulders and around the knee area.  I did paint the black parts, but I’m gloss coating those before doing anything with them (Krylon tries pretty sticky sometimes). The white parts will be painted whenever I find the time.


7 Responses to “Real Grade Aile Strike WIP 3”

  1. nice. starting to look like Sword IMPULSE XD

  2. aptkane said

    Cool, looks great so far!

  3. jozhhendra said

    so how do you think about painting RG small part? isn’t it a bit frustrating? :D

  4. maknaedik said

    Strike Rouge? LOL!

  5. Tom said

    Kinda but not really lol.

  6. Hikarunu said

    Char’s custom Strike lol ^ ^

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