Thoughts on Gunpla: August 2011

Posted by Tom on August 26, 2011

Before I start anything, I wanna congratulate Gundam Guy on his new news (haha) website. I’ll be replacing the link on my blogroll later, but visit the site here.

Anyways, I just finished the first week of college so far. Not bad, but with the amount of work I’m probably gonna get, building and painting kits are going to be extremely slow. Not to mention the amount of money I’m gonna need, buying kits are pretty much skewered. DX Anyways on to the news and thoughts.
So before we get into the model aspects, there were some anime announcements that got my interest.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of you are ready for the third Evangelion movie after Evangelion 2.22. I’m gonna admit that I haven’t watch the original anime series or the last two movie remakes. I might get it after some sort of box set is release with all the movies, but for now, I’m gonna have to watch it later.

And just in time for it’s 10th anniversary, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed is getting an HD remake. So far, not a lot of information, but I’m pretty sure this is straight to  DVD and Blu-Ray. And I’m pretty sure that a lot of fans are gonna be disappointed by this announcement. They’re probably going “WHY GUNDAM SEED!?!” or “No wonder why we’re getting a lot of Gundam Seed stuff” or “Why not something else besides Gundam Seed, kill it fire!” Hahahaha silly little fanboys. I always like how people are now saying this is a bad thing because we’re getting like a handful product from Seed, while nobody mind the plethora of Gundam Unicorn kits everytime a new episode is about to be release, or why older  fans are not complaining about how Gundam UC is taking the spotlight for something of the likes of Stardust Memories or 08th MS Team. What the fanboys don’t like to admit is that Gundam Seed was, and is still part of Gundam, just like Gundam 00, Zeta Gundam and Gundam Wing and so on. It’s pretty sad to see fans who are probably in college or done with college act like little children when they don’t get what they want. Oh and in my honest opinion, I always felt that Kira is much better then Amuro. And I’m not talking about Amuro from Zeta or Char’s Counterattack, but from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. I always thought that Amuro was 3x more whinier then Kira was, and getting Blight Slap doesn’t help his cause. Ok end of rant.

And in terms of games, Gundam Extreme VS is going to be release for PS3 on december. Great for all of us who don’t live in Japan. I might buy it later.

Starting with something of small interest for me, looks like Bandai is starting to release their own hanger and weapon sets. So far it’s in 1/144 scale, and while I don’t care for the hanger, I’m more interested on the weapons. If there were more selections, then these will be pretty good for customization without needing to buy a new kit just for the weapons!

The newest edition of Gundam Ace’s cover and box for the 1/48 RX-78-02 Gundam the Origin head bust. I’m really like the cover for the magazine.

MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G is now confirmed to have LED for the GN Buster Sword. I’m not sure if it’s gonna come with the LED, but I’m sad to say that I won’t be getting this. By the time you read this, I would have already cancelled my pre-order for the MG 00 Seven Swords. I underestimate my financial aid delivery date, and so I’m now scraping any money I can get. Maybe if I can accomplished my goal of getting a second job I’ll probably start buying again by late october or early november. Also note the limited Bandai Online shop exclusive MG Trans-Am 00 Raiser. Pre-order now if you want it.

Bandai is starting their 7-11 campaign again with the addition of the red Beargguy and Zaku II. The RX-78 is probably the same as the original, but with a new shield. I’ll be noting Beargguy color scheme if I ever get it haha.

What I thought was going to be a magazine exclusive, looks like the HG Beginning J Gundam will be getting release. Looks pretty nice, so I might get later on for christmas since it comes out on decemeber.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this HGUC Zee Zulu, was how ridiculous it looks. If it didn’t had the flippers or have a more ground type mobile suit look instead of the marine mobile suit look, then I might have consider getting it. The knife/claw combo actually intrigues me quite a bit.

The HGUC Dra-C looks interesting but I have no interest for the kit. I believe the stand will be included with this kit when it’s release.

The last HGUC kit shown so far is the HGUC Jesta. And while the boxart could be something cooler, it’s good enough with the depiction of a Jesta Squad. I know BD77 and Q will be getting several of these lol.

Looks like official pictures are now showing this kit in a dark blue and blue-ish gray color. Looks very nice. Again, depending on my budget in the next coming months, I might not be able to get this.

Boxart for the Nobell Gundam Berserker Mode. I like how Bandai made the box look more aggressive in comparison to the go-happy look of the original release.

But it doesn’t mean that it can’t pull off girly poses. And Nobell Berserker Mode comes with beam sabers instead of the beam ribbon. If I did get this kit, I’ll be getting rid of the Trans-Am colors.

Clearer colored pictures of the HG Genoace and Grafan from Gundam AGE. While the Genoace doesn’t have my interested at all, I’m still looking forward to getting my hands on the Grafan and I have some hopes that a 1/100 might come soon.

And newly announced is the HG ZEDAS and the Genoace Custom. These looks to be the “commander” units of the grunts suits for both sides in Gundam AGE.

And the last Gundam AGE announcement is the HG AGE-1 Titus. And, as we’ve all read about, it sure does look powerful. I forgot what the beam circle thingy that goes on the wrist of the arms is called, but I guess the AGE Gundam can punch and do massive damage. We’ll have to see as the show airs in the next month.

We finally got some actually prototype images of the Real Grade Freedom Gundam. This promotion also show a sneak peaks in terms of the Advance MS Joints and how the color separation might look like.

The RG Freedom is looking gorgeous with every blurry scan I see. ^^; And since the scans aren’t very high quality, I can’t really see the very subtle difference in the white armor. But I can see the weight issue that this kit will have. Hopefully, I can get this when my money supply is full again.

Better colored images of the Gundam Sandrock EW is looking pretty nice. The shield and machine gun looks nice, but it’s the swords that takes the cake. Looks like we get two blades for each sword, a normal silver one, and a red sorta clear looking blade that looks like it’s been heated up. At this rate, I might get this since I can repaint this Sandrock into the Sandrock Custom, but I might wait to see what the Custom version is going to get.

And the newest Master Grade announced is the MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, Version Ka! I have a pretty good feeling that this is going to be december’s Master Grade. Of course, I do have some issue as to why it’s called Full Armored Unicorn Gundam instead of Unicorn Gundam Heavy Weapon System. With the Unicorn OVA version being 5000 yen, I can imagine this kit being around 6000 to 6500 yen. Including EMS shipping, this can cost you about 9000 to 12000 yen or about 125~135 US dollars. But I would like to get this kit though. And, being a Version Ka, prepare yourself for the over 9000(!) decals that will be be on this kit.

I’ll try to finish RG Aile Strike during the next few weeks, but it’s gonna be tough. Hopefully my plan for the second job can work, and hopefully my college financial aid will come in soon so I can pay for my books and classes. Anyways, I’ll see you guys later.

All info and pics from Gundam Guy (and his awesome new website, go check it out!).


7 Responses to “Thoughts on Gunpla: August 2011”

  1. bd77 said

    The Zee Zulu is the descendant of the Zaku Flipper, a aquatic/marine-based unit. This’d the opposing side to the Jesta, and yes, as expected, I’ll be getting the Jesta, only. Q would the one who’d be getting several. XD

    Nobel Berserker mode, pass.

    Seed HD, Ummm… okay. =_=

    RG Freedom, I’ll pass and let my friend be getting it. =D

    As for the Unicorn FA, I’d called Fully Armed than Full Armoured. As it has MOAR bang than before. =D

  2. canopy said

    Wow, the MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, would love to get one, but it’s gonna pricy I think.
    HG Jesta, and MG Sandrock are great, sometime simplicity is good (I mean no fancy wing or something).

  3. Syberio said

    let’s hope for a MG ou RG Jesta, that suit looks awesome, but i don’t like High Grades…

  4. maknaedik said

    HG Titus comes with effect part for the arms, knee and shoulders. The holes we see on the knees and shoulder actually has beam coming out from it, though it’s short. The beam aeffect for its arms will be used when he does lariats. Yes, the first lariating Gundam is Titus :))))))))))))))

  5. Q said

    Damn you guys for teasing me! XD And yes I’d think that my plan for 3 Jestas has not changed for the time being ^^;;;

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