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Loot for September

Posted by Tom on September 29, 2011

Got a small package from the mailman today. This time it’s from Gundamplanet, which is a store based in New York, so for anyone living in the east coast of North America, I recommend trying them out. Pricing is decent, and they allow you to do a small review for a kit you purchase. But before we get into what I got, I have a little rant to do. If you don’t want to read, then you skip to the jump.

This is for that god awful, slow paced, inaccurate, piece of s**t, excuse of a delivery company call FedEx. In all my years of online shopping, I have never seen this bad of a delivery then I have right now. This package was shipped on the 21st and just got here at the time of this post. And you might be saying, “oh that’s not too bad, it’s between 5-10 days right?” NO!!!!! That’s crap. Why is it that USPS and UPS have better delivery rates, but they are 3x more accurate then FedEx? This package was sent from New York to Texas in two days, but the problem was that… instead of going to Austin, it was sent to places like Hutchins, Dallas, and Houston… WHAT?! Is this some stupid excuse to justify the 5-10 day wait period? And you guys might be saying “Well, why are you complaining, you got your package right?” I’ll get into another reason why I’m mad later, but by the time I finally did got this box, you know who was the one who delivered this box? The mailman who works at the United States Post Office. Yes, the workers at FedEx either was too stupid or too lazy to delivery my mail, that they gave it to the USPS to do the job for them. So I’m left sitting wonder what the f**k was going on and the only conclusion I can come up with is that FedEx hires people who can’t read or look at a map, or this is how they justify the 5-10 day wait period. Now compare to UPS and USPS, not only is the cheap shipping much cheaper, they come more faster and more accurately then FedEx. When I ordered something from GundamStoreandMore with UPS, it comes in 3 to 4 days! When GGinfinite sent my replacement parts with USPS, it comes in 2-3 days! When I order something with FedEx it comes in 1.5 to 2 weeks! That’s laughable. And I’m never using this PoS delivery service ever again. You guys suck balls in comparison to USPS and UPS. F**K YOU FEDEX! /end rant
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RG Strike Review Up + Some New Test Shots

Posted by Tom on September 22, 2011

The review for my RG Aile Strike is up now. You can go here or use the Real Grade tab I just made. Unfortunately for me, the photos were taken before I bought the second lamp so sorry about the shadows of some of the shots. :(

So what do you think of the new lighting. I also had to change some settings for the camera, but I think everything looks a lot better now. Pics after the jump.
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Real Grade Aile Strike Done!

Posted by Tom on September 13, 2011

Got this done after I came home from my morning class. It’s finally done. What do you guys think? Review will be up when I’m not swamped with work haha ^^;. Oh, and I just played the Ace Combat: Assault Horizon demo a while ago, and I’m still super excited about the game. It is a bit difficult to control the plane (it’s like there is a small millisecond delay when you want to move the plane) and the helicopter almost got me killed because of the confusing controls, but I’m gonna accept those challenges. Now if only they’ll release that special edition over to America, I’ll buy it in a heart beat. I guess it’s Ebay then for the soundtracks…

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More Gunpla Gets!

Posted by Tom on September 12, 2011

So um, this morning I was suppose to go to the hobby store to buy some paint to finish up RG Aile Strike, and I kinda went… astray… with the purchase… ^^;.  So yea no more buying for me and the next month or two. I kinda have an idea with what I want to do with the Epyon and the Reborns, but I’m not really sure if I can pull off the effect I want with spray cans. For sure though, after the RG Strike, I’m gonna do the ECOAS Jegan, and then probably take a break to concentrate on school, and then come back around the Christmas time or so. Next post should be a the last (hopefully) WIP for the Strike Gundam in the next couple of days.

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Real Grade Aile Strike WIP 4

Posted by Tom on September 6, 2011

It’s been about three weeks now. And this is what I have done so far. 95% of the Aile Strike pack is done, just need the beam sabers and the white thingy that goes on with the top wings. The torso and head on the other hand is panel lined, decal and top coat. Not shown is the light gray parts that I just finish to day, so just need to finish up the whites and dark gray and panel line, decal, and top coat and I can call this project finish. If it wasn’t for school, I would have finished this in two weeks haha ^^;.

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August Loots

Posted by Tom on September 2, 2011

So I got another box from HLJ today. I ordered this using SAL shipping, but it took about two weeks to get here which is surprising since I was expecting this in another week or so. So what did I get?
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